SIJ's MRI this morning

Going off for a MRI with contrast of my SI joints, my Rheumy wants a fresh look at them, as she is discounting all previous imaging and ultrasound reports, as the radiologist did not comment, or even bother to look at the old ones.
Well I am having a flare, so if I have inflammation it should be on the image. Didn’t sleep much last night, to much pain.
I will get a copy, so I can second guess the findings, drives the doctors nuts! You have to be your own advocate, especially when radiologists are asleep at the wheel.
The MRI is a 3 tesla unit, the older ones were only 1 tesla, so this should put out crisp images.

BE sure and DEMAND STIR sequences (also known as short T1 inversion) Absolutley the best way to sort out SI inflammation. They should be routine but are often not…

Hers Something to play with:

Keep in mind the flare type you have is as often from the hips (classic PsA) as naything well except maybe “stupidity” such as mountain bikiing…

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All done!

They look so bad, the tech asked what kind of cancer I had…

When I had an MRI of my foot done a few years ago after I had injured it in a fall, the tech kept asking me about how much do my feet hurt? And where does it hurt? Lots showed up on the imaging, none of it surprising. I have foot pain and damage. Nothing extreme but not surprised that it was clearly visible on imaging.

Yes, the tech has to look at it probably more then the Radiologist does. When I had the MRI before, the Tech did a lot of imaging of the erosion, but the Radilogist didn’t even look at the images, I had my doctor friend call him up, he said, “oh, I didn’t see those”…

There is some erosion, this is the left side, the right has a 18mm erosion.
Notice the signs of bone marrow edema (white spots fatty tumor) from bone inflammation. So you not only get pain from the joint, but also from the bone itself!

This is actually the new helmet design for my cat.

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Notice the signs of bone marrow edema (white spots fatty tumor) from bone inflammation. So you not only get pain from the joint, but also from the bone itself!

The stenosis concerns me more than the erosions. You truly are an amazing man. It’s certainly evidence that rust won’t get you if you keep moving.

Thanks, I feel a little rusty this Monday morning… :frowning:

Going in for a epidural, he will also do shots where my L6 joints to the illiac bone, what a hot mess!

I told my pain doc, at least after it fuses, I woun’t have pain, he said (who to you that?)

Right hip joint looks the worse, they both showed inflammation and maybe OA.

Well its a common story around the Ankylosing spondylitis boards, but sadly fusion usually starts from the top down. But I’d ask the PM if doesn’t work why in the world are there hundreds of Spinal Centers selling mechanical fusion at 30 grand and up if it doesn’t work LOL. I’ll bet you DO feel rusty, who wouldn’t after a session in the tube?

Epidural went well, except when he poked me hard with a needle!
I am “on ice” at the moment, they need to come up with a cooling matress.

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Every woman of a certain age would love that too! I do hope the epidural is now helping Jon.

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i do not endorse this or any other product…

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Oh, I saw that, they are all backordered, you can find them from scalpers on eBay. I was going to make my own, using a larger verical fan, and maybe make a plywood duct, I am a cleaver lad…

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I also have Erythromyalgia, or burning feet syndrome, it alternates with Raynaud’s in the winter. My Rheumy told me it was from power tools, but I don’t remember jackhammering with my feet!

there are YouTube videos for the DIY-inclined. Just a fan, a box and some plastic pipe and you’re all set! Have the fan flow over a cooler of ice and you’ve got air conditioning!

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