Signing off

Hi everyone. I wanted to say that I got my test results back from the Rheumy and everything was negative and within normal range, so Rheumy thinks it's Fibro. I'm not 100 percent sure so am keeping an eye on things but that's what it looks like as of now. So I'm signing off here, not so much that I want to but I feel so badly taking any time up when there are those who are so much sicker and in greater need who need to be heard here.

I sure have learned a lot about people living with such grace and courage from this site. I truly feel blessed and touched to have been here. Should things, change, I will return. Otherwise, I'll be on the Fibro site sponsored by this board.

God bless each and every one of you and I hope you find a way towards peace and pain free days.


  • You surely will be missed here, Petunia girl, but I'll laugh and cry with you on Ben's Friends Fibromyalgia site!

We'll miss you!! You're always welcome to pop in and let us know how you're doing!!!

So happy to read you do not have PsA!

Thank you all! I'm sorry that your own situation couldn't turn out like this but my thoughts will be with all of you. Wishing all of you the best. And SK, you bet, I def. want to see you there!

PS: Hoping Elizabeth is ok. Haven't seen her around lately.

PPS: DMaraJade, gonna miss talking to you here as well, but let's keep in touch as we currently are.


I am also VERY relieved to hear that you do NOT have PsA, but if you continue to have problems, do not give up, keep changing Doctors if you must! We want you to be better, to feel great!

Catch you on FMS, oh, there is an amazing blog on there about a young mother throwing the medicine away and totally changing her diet, exercising and beating the Fibro! Be sure to read it! There is also some amazing info on 'hints to make life easier' from Sheila Wall, one of the FMS moderators.


I didn’t get to chat with you since I just joined but I’m glad you don’t have PsA. Hope you will be able to find some answers soon regarding the Fibro.

Take care!


See, we know you couldn't stay away! Glad to see you back here, Pet!

Awwww, thanks! Just can't leave you guys!

Guess I'm still reading here because I'm not fully convinced about only fibro as a dx. Could well be right, just want to be sure. Because on another board of PsA, I read of others who presented just like me and tests didn't necessarily show high SED when pain level wasn't high. Grrrrrr! Stupid disease, huh?

Also, I really, really like a lot of the folks here and like updating myself on them and their progress.

Sorry you are leaving us, PetuniaGirl, but I'm sooo happy to hear you may not have PsA after all. Sero-negative arthritis can be hard to pin down. The fact that my sed rate is most always normal gives me a great excuse to slip into denial, and in my case, denial can sometimes be good for the soul! :-)

Hope to see you soon on the Fibro board. Don't forget us no matter what your blood work says!

You should read my just posted discussion on FMS site, and may decide to stay. So much wisdom here to walk away from, Petunia!

Hi Byrd Feeder,

Oh no, don't tell me you have fibro too! What is it about immuno people getting stuck with tons of diseases? That STINKS.

THANK YOU for your well-wishes. It is nice to think it is only fibro. Family is calming down some.

Is there such a thing as sero-negative arthritis? That almost seems to be an oxymoron.

I can understand the strong desire for denial, Byrd. It's so tempting! But I think that's when things come crashing down again - unreal expectations, too much work done that taxes you, etc. Please take care of yourself!

I'll see you here or there - will still come here to read sometimes.

Absolutely PsA is a sero-negative arthritis. That's why diagnosis is often so tricky...and why so many of us bounce from diagnosis to diagnosis.

You are so right that denial, while tempting, is probably not a good plan. Thanks for caring, and again, hope to see you soon!!

Oh, okay, I was misinterpreting the meaning of sero-negative. Thought it meant inflamation-negative. Nope. It means you test negative for Rf factor. Been there and done that, thankfully. Also tested negative for HBLA-whatever to my great relief. SED rate wasn't high, thankfully. Only arthritis present seemed to be "wear and tear" in spine. What an odd term. I'm not a piece of not-so-gently worn clothing, docs, I'm a human!

So unless something more definitive comes up, that's that for now.

No, please try to resist the denial monster. It loves to feed upon our hopes. But do keep up your real hope. And I do care, so you're welcome. I've really enjoyed talking to everyone here. And I hope to see you if you're on the fibro board.

PS: Has anyone heard from Elizabeth?

She was going to go away with her kids and grandkids, not sure anymore of the date though.

Oh good. That sounds like a good absence. Please let her know I've been thinking about her a lot and hope the Remicade is working.

SK said:

She was going to go away with her kids and grandkids, not sure anymore of the date though.

Pet, glad to hear they don't think you have PsA. However, I was diagnosed with Fibro and Chronic Myofacial Pain in 2002; then PsA 2006 with official diagnosis in 2009. I am a sero-negative person as well. That is why it took 3 years to get the official diagnosis.

God bless you too and I hope only the best for you.

As far as I am concerned you can keep stopping in here though.

I'll be talking to her, Alma. I spend a good bit of time on the FMS site.

I keep trying to talk to all the FMS people, who think it is the 'beginning and end' of their diagnosis, encouraging them to keep an on-going list of symptoms to take with them to their doctor. Some aren't even old enough to drive a car and are just so very ill.