Should have been going to skin doc and rheummy

getting in to NP at skin doc tomorrow. Under strong fluorescent light at docs..i can see a red circel on cheek. Want an opinion if lupus. I am borderline, by labwork, been told that. Mom had RA/lupus

But i did have a bad flare last friday, took 50mg prednisone. I did get a dramatic improvement on liver labs..ASt..went down to 33..from 188 in july

so restarted mtx a month ago....if this is PsA flare, i have a lot to learn, if it's the tendon pain. They told me for 16 yrs i had RA!..Not till i got pustular peelings.

The thing is my forearm, both sides, lower dark red pin pricks, wider than that. Have had those be4 for no reason. well, this time, i have pored as a reason?...maybe not..If i might bump it they will beleed a lot. Had a few be4, but 6, pr 8..psoriasis?

i am getting better with remicase on the pustualr, more than the enbrel, but it as wearing off, very soon, after 2-3 weeks, because i tolerate mtx well...and lost weight on the fatty liver..but they will still watch me like a hawk, on the labs...ALT went up 20 points, Ast just 3

and have to get labs checked monthly..and loose morfe weight..i eat a lot of veggies now

i don't believe it's rosacea on my face.never been todl that..but i will take myh skinc are produycts, maybe to harsh, what i use on my face to show skin doc

i know butterfly rash is lupus, but not always...doesnt hurt to touch base with skin doc too...she is the one that diagnosed me, in 2 seconds with psoriatric

hard to differ from RA!