Secondary Sjogren's

Question for those dealing with this - not confirmed yet but definitely have symptoms such as dry eyes, mouth, etc. and consistent swollen glands. I am on Hulio (Humira biosimilar) for PsA and was wondering what additional treatments anyone takes/does for Sjorgen’s ? TIA

The only thing that I do is more or less symptom management. I take evoxac (cevemiline) for my dry mouth and throat. This helps a lot. I basically can’t sleep without this, because I get panicky when I can’t swallow. I also use restasis eye drops, as well as a lubricating drop. I have found that some of the DMARDs help out, but the symptom management is the big thing.

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I was never formally diagnosed with secondary Sjogren’s, but used to get fierce dry eyes. One trick is to know that all eye drops are definitely NOT equal, and to ask an optometrist or pharmacist that has lots of knowledge which one to use for actual dry eye - it makes a really big difference to get the right one vs the standard ones.

Yes! On my most recent visit I had a discussion with my eye doctor about what his most current recommendations were. It will always be a preservative free drop, because the preservatives can cause their irritation.