Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) lamps

Had anyone tried these for PsA? I don’t actually suffer from the Ps bit of PsA so don’t need it for my skin but was intrigued if it would help my swollen joints. At all. Even a tiny bit? Getting desperate now. I would try licking frogs if someone said it would help.

I lived in AZ for two years to see if it would help my arthritis. All that sun...and no change. (I live in the Seattle area, not much sun). So I don't think a full spectrum light would help.

HOWEVER, many people with autoimmune conditions are deficient in Vitamin D (you can get it checked by your dr.). Your body makes Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. I have to take a Vitamin D supplement because I'm deficient, even in the summer sunshine, and my level gets way too low the rest of the year.

I've got a cold so I hope that made sense!

I have been taking a multi vit and 4000 of D3 since I read an article similar to the one you are talking about. I must say overall I do feel better. I have had 2 colds in the past month which mad me flare terribly but other than that I do believe it has helped with the fatigue and stiffness. Not very scientific but I'll take it!

On the contrary michael, very scientific! As well as being a vitamin, researchers now consider Vit D to be an immunomodulatory hormone, part of the HPA axis.

It seems to help “smooth” my reactions (ie prevent flares from coming on so suddenly), which is of great benefit to me, because I can adjust medication to make sure I stay functional, rather than being caught by surprise overnight.

Hi I use a light box for SAD between Sept and April. As soon as I stop in April I have a PsA flare which lasts for approx 1 month. I asked my Rheumatologist about the connection. He said it is probably because when I use the light it makes me feel better so I can cope with the PsA better. I’m not so sure, I think it does help

Thanks everyone. There was a cheapy one on amazon so will give it a try. If it doesn’t work, at least I have another lamp for the house :wink: