Same old ... but with a different tone

I came across this yesterday, and thought the conversational tone and language of article was interesting.
It might be a good article to share with some family and friends because it’s pretty much free of med-speak.

Great article. Thanks for posting Seenie.

I checked this out. It would be nice if their website were more extensive, but that was a good description of the disease, as well as the diagnostic issues.

Yes, I thought so too, and I liked the accessible language. Apparently the doc does some journalism too.

I’m new to this. But after reading this I’m pretty sure I’ve been dealing with it since I was a teenager. I always felt it was something auto immune going on. But was always overlooked. Blamed on one thing or another.

Thanks, Seenie. I read it and was surprised to see erythema nodosum mentioned. That's the first time I've seen it related to PsA. I had erythema nodosum a few years ago and the rheumy monitored me for Behcet's disease. I guess he was sort of on the right track, except he said I was fine after 2 years of being symptom free. Then a year later I'm back at his office with PsA. If only I had been more educated......

Hi Seenie,

That's a great article. I think I'll share it with a few people.

Thanks !

That's a great idea Dini !

Laura E D said:

Perhaps we could invite him to be one of our patron Rheumatologists, or to have a Doc's blog?

Thanks for sharing Seenie! Over the years I have had several tendinitis issues,rotator cuff several times,almost frozen shoulder (thankful no surgery needed) tennis elbow,bursitis of the hips,along with piriformis syndrome. Lately I’m getting a lot of joint pain in my shoulders,knees and hips all at the same time…it feels like tendons…like my body is seizing up…my hands ache and feel a burning pain… I feel like I just ran a marathon…and I have ran a marathon but that was many years ago! Anyway I want to save this to share with my husband. Thanks again…I have learned so much and have so much to learn!