?s about enbrel and mtx

I am currently on both but like I said in my last post I can't get more than 3 weeks of enbrel in myself before I am sick again. I spoke with my Dr today and he agreed to let me try taking the enbrel without the mtx. Has anyone had any success with just enbrel alone without the mtx. I am partly relieved because I am hoping that without the mtx my colds will go away and I can start to get healthy again with just the enbrel. I am just curious to see what others have experienced.

No MTX for me, years of control (ups and downs of course) with Enbrel alone. You may want to ask about adding amitriptyline (or other tricyclic) to the mix. 25 at bed time has made a huge difference for me. Better sleep and Boosted immune system (where it matters)

Yes! I was never able to tolerate MTX (oral or injectable), but have taken Enbrel successfully for many years. The first time I took it, it put me into a remission even though at the time I could hardly walk. That lasted about 2 years. I'm on Enbrel again 8 years later, a double dose, and am doing well on it again.