Rheumy Visits

I was diagnosed 2 years ago with PsA. Taking Enbrel and MXD. I have my blood checked every two months and have to see my Rheumy every quarter. Today is Rheumy day and I am curious if it is just me - my rheumy - or the way it is so here is my question: every quarter rheumy walks in exam room, writes down 'stuff' - asks me how I am - my answer is usually about the same 'good days bad days' etc....feels my fingers - says 'not swollen'. writes something down and leaves. All within about 3-5 minutes.....I want to say HEY WAIT A MINUTE....but he is gone as quick as he comes. Part of me wants to hear something, anything from him but he has nuttin' to say. I know it is not like a miracle will happen and he will tell me 'you are cured' but I guess i expect/want to hear him say something - just anything. so is it me - or is this how rheumy's are with this disease? May not sound like excitement to most but it is very real to me. Comments - thoughts for today's visit? Should I grab his ankles when he tries to leave and say STOP!!! :-)

I think this is a problem with most doctors in general and it is unfortunate. It is really up to you as a patient to speak up and ask the questions you have or whatever it is you want to hear from them. Some doctors and rhuemies are better than others but the experience is usually not going to be as personal to them because at the end of the day it is still only their job. My rheumy is better on some days than others but I do find myself having to stop her at times to make sure we talk more. A tip would also be to take in a list of questions and make sure you bring up what you want to tell them.

Make a list of things you want to talk about. And then we ge comes in the room tell him you have a few questions and show him the list. Sometimes they don’t even know we want more info.

Good luck

He doesn't sound like an attentive doctor whatsoever!

It it were me, I'd either find a better doctor or tell the doctor as soon as he walked in the door that I have questions that I need answered before I leave - and prepare questions in advance.

If you'd like to compare to others' experiences, my typical rheumatologist visit consists of my rheumy coming in, asking me how I've been feeling, what in particular has been the worst, examining my joints, checking in with me on what medications I'm on, whether or not my other diagnoses are up to date, he discusses how the thinks my treatment should progress, and asks if I have any questions. I don't think I've ever spent less than a half hour with him - and the longest has been over an hour. He's called me from home in the evening to go over test results or answer questions.

I hope and pray that you are getting relief from his course of treatment. I've had the opposite scenario, my Rheumy talks to me, answers questions from my wife and I, does a physical exam, but then tells me that I'm screwed! Sorry, just wanted to try and get a giggle from ya (of course how can I tell, we're not video chatting)! My story is basically true though. He has pulled my off of the Remicade infusions because my pain continues to worsen every week. He doesn't feel as though my pain is from inflammation. The MRI's, bone scan, x-rays, and CAT scan have verified damage to my SI, hip, cervical and lumbar spine so at least they (the Dr.s) have documented evidence and that it's not all in my head!

Thank you all very much for your responses. You helped me tremendously! I took your advice and had my list. I hammered thru the list even tho I could tell he really wanted to move on. His conclusion was he thought something else is going on with me and not necessarily the PSA. Said my fatigue, heart palpitations, and joint pain can be caused by a thyroid problem. So he is running a TSH. We shall see.

I really appreciated the responses. It is unlikely that I will ever stop needing a rheumatologist so i think i need to find a new one. He is a nice person but after hearing the responsiveness you receive from your physicians - I would like the same.

Again thank you all very much..Will keep you posted on the TSH results!