Reunited and it feels

It has been quite a while. With this group I believe that there's no need to offer an apology as we all understand the ups and downs of our illness. I had some great ups and some terrible downs in the last six months. Each of them conspired to keep my away from the Board. But I'm determined to become a regular contributor again.

On the illness front: Enbrel no longer works for me. I stopped MTX as it was no good for me either and traded it for sulfasalazine, That just started making me sick, too. So, for now, I'm on a steady diet of slow release (non-narcotic) pain meds until my Humira script gets processed through the specialty pharmacy.

On the everything else front: we got a hot tub installed in April and it has been a life saver--even through the summer. I got a new job in early June which has renewed me professionally and I no longer fear telling my boss I'm not feeling well. I'm taking a mindfulness stress reduction class, doing lots of yoga (slower than the kind I used to practice but kinder, too), and I'm seeing a therapist. All these things are helping me keep a grip on reality and maintain some perspective.

I backed away from the Board because I got overwhelmed by my life. But now I feel a little more settled and a lot less muddled. But over the last few months I've finally learned three important things. I now know

  • I didn't do anything bad to get PSA
  • I don't deserve it--and neither do any of you
  • living with PSA is hard and it doesn't seem to get easy, rather you just start to get used to it.

So, get used to seeing me back on the Board while I continue getting used to having PSA. Cheers!


PS--here's a picture of Mabel Petunia with Hoagie Carmichael (Stardust)

Welcome back to the group Jane! It sounds like you've been able to make some really good improvements. You don't want to know how jealous I am about the hot tub!

How nice to have "our Jane" back! I love your three points and, of course, Mabel Petunia!

Keep in touch!

Welcome back, I have wondered where you have been and how you are, but then I often have times when I have nothing to say, and tend to turn inwards and fight my demons. X

I too have been wondering where you have been. Glad to see that you are back!

Stoney, Seenie, Louise, Rebel Mom, thanks for the welcome back. I missed you all. Thanks for understanding, too. Oh, and feel free to use the hot tub anytime you’re in the neighborhood!

Welcome back "our" Jane. I also have wondered what you were up to and now we get to hear the rest of the story! Welcome back friend. <3

Cheers, Michael. I’m having a tough time sleeping (happening a lot since I’m now off sulfa and my pain and inflammation are not well controlled) and here I am. Reading the Board page in the dark listening to the cicadas chirp outside and waiting for the air to kick on (again again again)as it is still in the 70s outside at 3:30am. It was 97 Tuesday, 93 yesterday, 83 forecast today (Thursday) and 72 on Friday. Overnight into Saturday it promises to be 44F. So, I’ll be in the hot tub if you need me this weekend. Never looked forward to cold weather so much!

Welcome back Jane!

I'm a relatively new person myself.. I'm finding the support here is kind and informative.

I hope you find a med combo that is beneficial to you. I failed both at Humira and Embrel. I was about to begin Actemra when they discover MRSA colonizing in my nostrils. I've had three outbreaks of MRSA in the past. so I want to be rid of this before it can cause major damage like it did to me in the past.

All the best to you...and many prayers.

Take care,