Remicade wearing off

Noah- on ANY biological there is a risk of infection. I’ve been on it since August and have had 1 cold and an ear infection. I do not see the risk any higher for me than not being on the medication. You do have to watch things though. If you do see that you are getting sick or a skin infection is starting you need to contact your doctor so that it can be handled with antibiotics. Of the people I’ve talked to, no one has ever had any serious problems with infections. :slight_smile: hope this helps a little.

Hi Leah,

I'm not on Remicade but I'm in the same boat as you with the Humira I've been taking for about three months. Initially it was fantastic but now it just keeps me going... but still achy and pooped all of the time.

It's a drag when showering and drying off is a chore! But w/o these meds I know I'd be in much bigger trouble... so I'm hangin' in there until my doc finds the right combo. Some folks take the Humira once a week... I've been injecting every other week.

What about the Remicade... is that bi-weekly? Oral or injection?

Remicade is an IV infusion. It is recommended every 8 weeks for PsA but it seems that 6 weeks is a lot more common. It’s an easy med to deal with because its only 3-4 hours for about 6 weeks of a ‘normal’ life. :slight_smile: