Red spots/blisters etc. on feet?

My right foot is the one place I've most consistently had the arthritis. It started there, has stayed there and has not shifted - while elsewhere is sort of jumped around. I've noticed previously that sometimes I'll get a couple of little red spots, often around the enflamed toe or part of the foot, along with intense itchiness. Since then I've been getting a few small red spots by my big toe. They're also itchy, but filled with fluid, almost like a tiny blister or a chicken pox spot. I'm wondering whether anyone else had this and whether it relates to the arthritis? I had been concerned that I might be developing diabetes - I understand that can cause some similar feet problems and I've also needed the loo more lately. Any correlation between methotrexate and onset of diabetes? I understand the medications for psoriatic arthritis can make one susceptible to urinary tract infections, so the latter may just be that.

But these itchy little red spots, anyone else?

yes i get those too on y left foot only??? So itchy it drives me crazy. I usually get them before a flare and I have always associated them with inflamation. I know of no correlation of diabetes and skin rash like this. I do have a P frien who's PalmoPlantar Psoriasis starts off this way on her feet. Post a note if you find out exactly what it is. I have assumed it is P. Maybe will mention to my rheum in September.