Ready Or Not Its Here

I’m not ready (and neither is the tractor) What do you guys do to get ready?

Aargh! You got snow?

I don’t do much to get ready. Although now that you mention it, I need a new back saver type shovel. Yes. Our driveway and walkway are small enough. 4 cars size probably.

Live in Australia…but not in the snowy mountains :wink: good luck. We are heading into summer and thinking about bushfires.

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@MacMac Good Luck with fires. We just finished up the worst fire season in a long long time. (Actually we have a couple big ones still burning)

Met a hotshot fire crew from OZ not sure how many came up, but they have the last couple summers since the draught. It’s tradition around here to buy the firefighters a beer when they get a “laundry leave” and you run into them in town Apparently the have to buy one in return and thus started a long cycle. anyway we had a great evening. One of them played Hockey for a business acquittance of mine. Small world…


We moved. Not much chance of proper snow round here, I miss it, can we have some of yours?


Some of tnt’s??? Listen, I’ll do better than that: you can have ALL of ours!

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Kent used to have serious snow at least sometimes. It hasn’t now for some years. When Manston had a brief life as a commercial airport in the 1990’s, I flew from there to Edinburgh for business. It was snowing in Kent (or rather Manston, so very much south Kent) as I left. 36 hours later Edinburgh also had snow but Manston had it a lot worse so my return flight was cancelled. I could have flown to Heathrow from Edinburgh but that’s not much use to get to deepest Kent. So I got on a train in the days well before any hi-speed trains were anywhere in the UK. As we got to London it was snowing heavily but not so much that I couldn’t get from north London to south London in time to catch the very last train that evening from London to Kent at only 9.30pm given the snow was tumbling down. As we slowly (it got slower and slower) got to Ashford, it was blizzard conditons. But hell at least I got to Ashford only 4 miles from home and did it in around 8 hours too, so exceptionally impressive. So I phoned Alan, (no texting then but at least we had mobile phones, or rather I did, Alan didn’t) and he told me there was no way he could get the car out of the drive, given how thick the snow was. So there I was stranded just 4 miles from home. Walkable but we had at least a foot of snow (non UK people that is seriously, seriously signifcant snow in the south of the UK), would I manage it? Debatable frankly as it was coming down thick and fast. So I started to plod home. Thankfully an obviously just insane taxi driver was trying to drive on the road I was on. He stopped. I used every last bit of my Irish charm to persuade him that he could take me home. He did astonishingly and I gave him all the cash I had on me, then around £40. Quite a lot too, more so then. I often wondered how long it took him to get himself home. I was snowed in at my house for 6 days afterwards. Seriously. By the following morning, I couldn’t open my back door until I dug the door out. I had 6 feet of snow in my back garden and 3 feet at the front.

So Kent can get snow. Serious snow sometimes, at least then… Thankfully we’re not quite at the stage now of serious wildfires though. Yet. That would terrify me far, far, far more than serious snow.

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Yeah Fires can be a kick… Heres my “back yard” a couple years ago (bad picture but my wife was throwing stuff in the truck and I was threatening to shoot anyone who tried to save the house. Still wish it had burned so don’t have to get rid of 40 years of stuff:


Bad fires. Snow is probably a relief. Shame about the house :laughing:

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A fine tradition…shouting beer to the firies. They do a great job.

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Yeap - would just be terrified and horrified at that type of fire. Give me snow any time.

Just turned cold and wet in Nashville. PsA let me know winter is coming!! I have not done well with the change of weather. Looks like I will end up on Enbrel.

Does closing my eyes and pretending it’s not happening count as preparing? Really I like the snow itself. It just makes everything twice as difficult. This isn’t the first snow we’ve had this fall, but it is the first snow that’ll be deep enough and that will stick around long enough to make my life a logistical nightmare.

And thats a bad thing? I understand your fears, which are entirely logical, but I suspect when you get started, you’ll wonder what took so long. I have some unique memories of nashville… We were enjoying a great time in Seattle a few years ago when we got a phone call that one of my wifes suppliers warehouse got hit with a tornado and they were selling their fabric (my wife has a quilt shop) for a dollar a bolt. So we took off driving night and day to get there before it was all gone. My girls were less than thrilled but got sold based on my description of Opry Land. Unfortunately I had no idea Opry Land was no more… They came out all right though. Only thing better than a cool theme park to my teens was an outlet mall… It took a LOOOOONG time to pay off that Credit Card bill.

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Well today is home game. There is a small problem with tailgating:


That was a strange thing when they put the mall in. Right now I hurt worse than I have since I was diagnosed I have been busy reading about the side effects. I found an old post of yours talking about the side effects from other things like prednisone and a great explanation of the statistics behind the studies. It made me feel a lot better about making the decision to go ahead with the Enbrel. I’ll see my doc in a week or so and start the process.

I was up all night in pain thinking about it and I have to do something. I realized that I have been in a lot of pain for over 4 years. Part from a bad neck, but I suspect most from the PsA. I hope I have good results.

Ugh, Sybil, I’ll give you all of ours, too! It’s waaaayyyy too early for snow here, but, oh well, at least we have a couple snowmen in our yard!

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Thankfully we’re not that cold yet in the NYC suburbs.

So glad you found that information. It’s good to put things in perspective - I had great results with Enbrel, and no side effects (except less number, and less severe cold type viruses, and resolution of depression - not side affects to complain about! ), I really hope you do too!

At least one of us is stoked for the snow (mostly for snowballs).