Reactions to biologic Taltz

Hi has anyone experienced a poly systemic drug reaction to this biologic. I have this week and I am interested to see if anyone else has. I have been left with a numb finger and numb major joint in my left hand.

I have been on the drug for some time probably around 8-9 months with no apparent issues that I can define. I see that such a thing can occur with some individuals. I figure there is a risk of this with any drug.

Thank you for the prompt reply:) I need to inject again today and am a little hesitant. I have been on 25mg of Prednisone for a week to calm everything down. I am up to injection 5. I just hope the numbness leaves the joint so it works reasonably again
as I am very left handed and work full time still.

What did your doctor or doctors indicate about continued use of Taltz? It is a bit concerning that you had that reaction and I do not know much about this issue and whether it will go away or just continue to give you problems. Usually in the case of a allergic reaction from antibiotics you are not to take that drug if it causes such issues.

My specialist advised that I need to continue and apparently this reaction can occur. I must admit loosing feeling in my hand is a
little unsettling. Apparently all my bloods appeared ok after the ER checked them.

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This drug was just approved on PBS in Australia in March this year so it is a very new drug here. I was on Humira for two years no
issues and worked great until it failed in February this year.

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I’m in Aus too! I must admit though, I’m a little like @Woodworm and wondering why they won’t move you to a different medication if it is causing problems.

Actually, I just re-read your account of your situation. And, though I’m usually the poster girl for giving your next medication a proper shot… as I read it, your dominant hand has two of its major joints not working, at all (numb). Honestly, I would not find that ok. Particularly given Humira worked so well till it fell over.

In Australia, I think partly because of the public funding, there is a very strong culture of making us feel that we need to accept treatment- fantastic or awful, whatever the result. Because it’s “free”. But it’s not, really. Even with the horrendous cost of bios, they’ll struggle to ever give me more money than I paid them in tax… and then think of all your family and the tax they pay… point being (and actually I don’t really care if you’ve ever paid tax - but it does help some people to conceptualise that they deserve it - you deserve good care, and what is happening now sounds concerning, particularly not being listened to when you tried to raise a really serious issue.


Good morning

Sorry have only seen this message now I kinda tapped out over the weekend from the internet. Yes I totally agree with you on all levels.
I am not happy and I am going back to the specialist next Tuesday if I last the week. I can honestly say this is the most unwell I have been for a while. The feeling in my joint has not returned and I have a numbness to my cheek bones today and no relief
from pain elsewhere. I honestly do not think it is working and the side effects are not nice.

Thanks for taking the time to chat and careJ

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I’ve been having intermittent finger and hand numbness since starting Humira, but it’s only been a few days. My doc says it can be temporary so I’m willing to stick it out.

It seems like numbness would be better than pain but adding another thing to worry about is so frustrating. I hope you get some resolution soon :slight_smile:

J the face numbness is not something
I am dealing with well. Its been over a week since the last big medication issue and the joint is still numb and the size of nearly two fingers on my dominant hand. I am hoping to sort something out on Tuesday when I see my specialist. Have to say this
is the most unwell I have been for a long time and working full time – sigh.

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