Ch ch ch changes!

Just had my 3 month rheumy appointment. She was good, basic joint check, listened well etc. Took one look at my inverse psoriasis flare and said that there was no point continuing with Simponi…even at the every 3 week dose, I was slipping in the wrong direction and 6 months is long enough. So…she thought it would be good to try something different from Humira, Rinvoq and Simponi. I have to be off Simponi for 3 weeks and then move on to Taltz monthly injection. She said it is far better at dealing with PsA and psoriasis. Too bad I didn’t go from Rinvoq to Taltz…but I only had the flare of psoriasis in the last 4 weeks or so. Anyone experienced with Taltz?

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Talz is the sister med to Cosentyx. Cosentyx is my med which has worked so well for me these past 4 and a half years. It titivates interleukin 17a. Both Cosentyx and Talz have a good reputation for us PsA and indeed psoriasis sufferers. Can be give for either or both issues. Best of luck.

I had dreadful psoriasis on my palms for years. Taltz cleared it up, and my other PsA symptoms are still controlled. Been on it just over a year. Worked for me!

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Thanks! While I have inverse psoriasis, for the first time I have a spot on my palm. It’s very faint but itchy and hurts deeper than the skin.

Thanks @Poo_therapy, I am hopeful and was told by the rep for the Talz pharmaceutical company that she has seen Talz work faster than many others, especially on psoriasis.
As a side note…it sure seems like a horrible misuse of expensive drugs that could be helping people who are struggling financially to have unused prescriptions “safely disposed of”. Likely we all have $$$$$$$ worth of meds that didn’t get used due to a change. There should be a way to verify that they have never been opened are pre-expired date. The average monthly dose of things like Humira, Rinvoq or Simponi is around $1500-$2500 USD. I guess meds applied by injection might be hard to verify that they have been kept at proper temperature but pill form should be able to be reused

Worthy thoughts frankly. But it can’t even happen in the UK where only the NHS pays the cost of the meds not the patient at all. All sorts of horrible risks from an insurance perspective and negligence would make that a horror story for suppliers. Or those supplying them on.

It was the worst!

I started Cosentyx 300mg. On my 4th week of the loading doses. My inflammations appeared to have been reduced. I donated my unused Humira pens to my doctor’s office.

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