Goodbye Humira, Hello Taltz

Just saw my rheumy. He was no more happier than I was. Since I could hardly walk due to knee pain and my back and ribs hurting as bad as they did when he put me in the Dospak three weeks ago, he threw in the towel on Humira. He said since I was taking it every week for the last 9 months I was in too much pain.

We talked and he decided Taltz would be the next step. I got enough samples to get me started, so we will see what happens.

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I’m pleased to hear you are moving on Tamac. I know it’s quite hard when you’ve previously had good results (and even if you haven’t - I find it a bit scary switching meds), but it does sound like time. I stayed on Humira for too long.

I really hope Taltz is effective for you.

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I hope you get a great result. It’s definitely time for you to get some relief.

Hurray, Tamac! Make sure you report on how things are going with Taltz. I don’t think we have many members on that one, so it will be interesting to see how it works for you.

Delighted you’re are moving meds. Talz is the ‘sister’ of Cosentyx in NHS terms anyway - lots of people in the UK who don’t get on with Cosentyx move to Talz and it seems to work better for them. If I remember Cosentyx and you didn’t get results so here’s hoping Talz does love you and works well.

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Cosentyx worked fair, my doc just wanted to see if Humira would work any better. It did for a while. He wanted to try Taltz because it addressed IL17A and B. The other was Tremfya, but he felt it was very close to Cosentyx. We will see.


I am also on Taltz and after three months all ok. Not perfect but ok. This medication was stopped when I had a flare of diverticulitis. Awaiting ultrasound then if all ok can go back on the meds. Anyone else had this problem ? I hope you have good results with this med.

WEEK 1 -

My first week on on Taltz.

Yep, the injections hurt, and this is from someone with high pain tolerance. Burns pretty bad. I would recommend ice before injections.

On day 3 now. I have been a little nauseated for the last two days. May be Taltz, may just be my stomach which is pretty shot from the stress of pain and meds for pain and muscle spams.

I had been running a fever of 99.5 or higher for the last week because of all the inflammation. That is me pretty run down. And my normal body temp is 97.6. The fever may be getting better.

This run of flare up seems to have started after 2nd pfizer vax, but I wouldn’t want anyone to not get the shots. I had been having a bad spell of PsA even before the vax.

I had my second dose of Taltz after waiting two weeks from the first. It seems that starting about three days after each dose my stomach is a wreck. After the first dose my stomach was upset for about three days. After this second dose it has been four days now and I can hardly eat. I hope this gets better soon. It will now be 4 weeks before I go to regularly 4 week dosing.

I guess it is too soon to determine if the Taltz is doing anything. Now I am in a lot of pain all over. I sure hate to think it will be months before it starts to help. My knees and legs hurt bad enough I am having trouble walking much. It seems pain is spreading out from all my major joints.

I think I feel worse physically and mentally now than I have for 5 years since they figured out the PsA. Even though I am working from home, I took this week off from work. I had hoped to get a few things done around the house and outside, but I ended up sleeping about 10 or 12 hours a day. I can’t get to sleep at night because of pain, I just eventually doze off. I don’t really sleep 10 or 12 hours, I usually fall asleep about 4:00 in the morning and will sleep until my wife makes so much noise it wakes me up around noon. She won’t let me sleep and just ignores all the pain I am in.

Don’t mean to be a downer, I just am going through a lot right now. I really need things to get better quickly.

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I know that hopeless feeling of feeling like you been hit by a bus. Sorry to hear and none of the meds work quickly. Is something like Rinvoq an option? I’m 5 months on it and it is definitely a game changer…not a cure but I wouldn’t be without it. I haven’t heard of anyone else on Rinvoq

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I started with Otezala. They wouldn’t put me on biologics at first because I had had prostate cancer. But after the first year on Otezala I had gotten worse. I have have done Otezala, Embreal, Consentx, Humira and now Taltz. We discussed Tremfya since it goes after two IL, but doc decided to try Taltz since it is a sister to Consentyx. He felt like I did best on Consentyx. I can’t do MTX because 30 years of anti-depressants have messed up my liver.

I am just having to go through a med change where everything hurts. I remember when I would have to change anti-depressants over the last 30 years and it was hell each time.

I probably should have let my doc change meds months ago, I have been going downhill since the first of the year. The second Vax shot really set things off.

I have been off work this week and had wanted to get some things done, but I have felt too bad. I am just in a situation right now that I am feeling sorry for myself and am tired of all the pain. After battling major depression for 25 years until med science got that fixed, then prostate cancer, I am just tired of dealing with one major issue after another.

I am sure things will get better, I just need to get through this tuff spot. If the Taltz doesn’t make the full body pain better soon, I am going to have to consider pain management. If I cheat on my pain pills and take a little extra, it helps me get through the day easier, but I don’t want to do that. The issue I have with pain management is that they would “require” me to take all the pain meds the prescribe daily even if I don’t need them that day. I don’t want to do that. I am going to have to explore other alternatives for pain help.

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