Question on switching biologics due to repeated infections

Hi everyone! I was diagnosed a year ago with psoriatic arthritis. I have been on Enbrel and it has been an amazing drug for me. It has given me my life back but my rheumatologist has told me I have to stop taking it due to repeated infections. She wants to switch me to Humira. My question is since Humira is also a TNF-a inhibitor would it not cause the same infection issues as the Enbrel? Just wondering if any of you had infections on Enbrel and switched to Humira and did not have the same issues? I have learned so much from this community over the last year and I really value your opinions!

Though the end result is TNF-A inhibiting, the two meds travel a different route to get there. they are produced in completely different manors and effect the immune system in different ways.

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Thank you so much! This makes me hopeful that the switch to Humira will be a positive experience.

I would also suggest speaking with a pharm abt the two meds before switching.


Good to know, benepali (enbrel biosimilar) not working for me so hoping to switch to humira. Nice to know they work differently so I may get better results. Benepali drastically affected my neutrophils too, so not great for me. Good luck!

Sad to hear that @a.laker28. So hoping the humira is better for you.