Question for Taltz users

Since I started my loading doses of Taltz four weeks ago, I have developed ongoing stomach issues. I am constantly nauseated, much like I was when taking Otezala.

Are other Taltz users dealing with this?

I am having trouble determining if the source of the stomach issues is the Taltz, or from the stress of increased pain levels and associated ingesting of pain relievers and muscle relaxers.

I am now between the last loading dose and the next dose four weeks away. Waiting to see if stomach improves.

I have been nauseated since I was 16. Forty years later, the only thing that helps me is edibles. One gummy a day, sometimes 2, and I can actually eat dinner, and sometimes even breakfast.
If you have no interest in trying THC, I’d suggest CBD oil. I wish I could offer more help, and I feel your pain. Literally.
Btw, have you had your gall bladder checked? If it has gallstones or other issues, it often causes long term nausea, vomiting, and even sharp mid-belly pain.
Good luck.

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Just so happens, I found out the legalized THC in gummies here at 1/4%. Just tried and they work good for pain. Tried cryotherapy last week and it helps too!


Those work very well for my pain, anxiety, and insomnia. I was really surprised by how well it works. So glad it helps you, too.

They have helped me get some sleep. I have not slept more than a few hours a night for the last month. I have pain pills, but I can’t take them at bed time because they do not get along with other meds I take at bedtime.

I just got of Humira and onto Taltz, so I am waiting for it to kick in.

I started Taltz the beginning of this year. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis disease many years ago. Since commencing Taltz my stomach has become very bloated and I have pain down the right side and across my stomach with nausea. I have been taken off Taltz for the time being and have had an ultra sound scan. Now waiting for results. Radiographer said she would ask for further investigation to pain in right side. Rheumatology are not sure this diverticulitis flare was caused by medication. I am now between the devil and the deep blue sea !

Well, my third dose of Taltz was yesterday. A month after my second loading dose. I have been nauseated since last night.

It seems, for me, that for at least a week after each dose, I stay pretty nauseated

Anyone else have similar issues?.

Seems that is often the way. I have the same pain/nausea response to Mtx, Humira and Rituxan (both IV), and Enbrel.
If you can, try one more week to see if your body adjusts. If not, maybe you tell the doc Taltz is not sustainable, and they can come up with a better plan.
Really, 20 years ago I’d never have believed how physically limited I’d be at only 56. I’m sorry you’re stuck for now.

The stomach problems are getting better. I still have some issues for a week after the Taltz.

I know what you mean about being limited. I have 5 acres of woods and I always spent my weekends on my tractor cleaning up and cutting down brush to keep things cleaned up and looking nice. I sold my tractor last year after finally giving up trying to use it anymore. Now things are growing up and the place looks like crap. It really hurts me to see. I used to be on the go constantly, now I can’t. I’m 63, but I had no plans of slowing down until now.

Hey @tamac, please remember that many of our life issues and especially this PsA come at us in seasons. When in a season, we can easily think that the present misery is forever but with time, you might just go tractor shopping again. There is great satisfaction in puttering around one’s woods! Until you do, I highly recommend two books. The first one is for wisdom: The Winnie the Pooh Classic Collection and the second for laughs: “Letters from Wingfield Farm”. @Seenie would also appreciate “Letters from Wingfield Farm”. I truly hope that your PT is producing a good kinda pain and remember, seasons change!

Thanks. I think my tractor days are done. With most of my neck fused now, it was getting hard to look behind me to see what I was running over. It took a lot of hard pulling and heavy lifting to change out the bush hog and the box blade. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I found a lady that works harder than any man I have ever known that will come and do things like that for me now. She has all the right equipment…and a tractor and loader too! Unfortunately, I have to pay her very well. She can come on a Saturday and get more done that I could in a week.

I was pretty sore all weekend from the PT. I am going back Monday afternoon for more. Then, I have to get up early and drive about 60 miles Tuesday morning for a meeting. Drive back, then do it again Wednesday…I hope.

I have another question for Taltz users. Has anyone found that it made their gyms swell and bleed a little?

I do know that PsA can do this rather than any med.

I also highly recommend Dr. Seuss’s “Oh the places we’ll go”. If you read between the lines the lessons never end. Even just remembering not to forget our right foot from our left.

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