Psoriatic Disease- My thought for the day

I hope the term psoriatic disease and all that it can encompass becomes the common vernacular in the medical, scientific and lay community. It seems like such a small thing. But for myself, having suffered this disease for decades, it is not merely a skin condition, a joint condition, or an eye condition parsed out depending on what symptoms present.

This disease has affected my entire body; systemic and ever surprising at the depths that it has taken me and so many others. It has affected my mind both biologically and circumstantially. In fact, I would venture to guess it has affected every organ in my body, every gland, my blood, guts, and even my soul.

New connections are being made everyday in the medical community to confirm this knowing I've had since my youth. These discoveries both appease and appall me as too little validation too late but better late than never.

I've spent a lifetime sifting through the woo of quacks and charlatans, of biased pseudo-scientific studies that characterize our disease with blame for being unkempt, full of vices, and just plain angry little people whose bodies have rebelled against our lack of virtues. And where no lack of virtue can be found, then surely it is some unseen toxin from an otherwise healthy vegetable. When I do find a study that has been conducted properly without bias, following legitimate protocol, I sometimes salivate with joy, it seems so rare.

You see every once in a while I find that I have to slay a windmill or preach to the choir about these things or surely what little of my mind is left will be lost.