Psoriatic Arthritis the facts

Just got a book with this posts title written by Dafna Gladman and Vinod Chandran both clinicians at University of Toronto Psoriatic Arthritis Clinic published by Oxford University Press …extremely informative :slight_smile:

Would love to hear any tidbits from the book. Please share!!!

I will do :slight_smile: For example, did you know that only 50% of PsA sufferers shop elevated ESR and CRP levels in their blood. I knew some didn’t , including me, but didn’t know it was as high as 50%. Maybe that’s why so many are diagnosed so late

I have the book on my Kindle. It really is worth getting. Dr. Gladman is a world-class expert on PsA, and I called her PsA clinic to ask about getting in there. They will take me for yearly or twice-yearly monitoring on referral from my rheumatologist. I’m thinking about it.

Interesting. Thanks for the heads up!

Extract from the book explaining that until recently there was no widely accepted criteria for classification or diagnosis

‘An international study was completed in 2006 and resulted in the ClASsification of Psoriatic ARthritis (CASPAR) criteria. The CASPAR criteria should facilitate the diagnosis of the condition.’

Right then! On to the web to look up CASPAR seems to be the next logical step. A short explaination is in the book but if I find the link I’ll put it up for those who are still stuggling for diagnosis… If you can say to the docs “it looks like I can be classified under the CASPAR criteria, what do you think?” It may help

So after digging around on the net I found the easiest way for anyone looking for the criteria for diagnosis PsA is to. Go to :slight_smile:


I bought the book on Amazon after you recomendation. It arrived today, it is wonderful! It truly is the one book PsA patients Need. Thank you

I have that book myself . Its PsA ex plained