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We encourage you to recommend any book you loved reading. If you have one, kindly indicate the name of the book, author or maybe write a brief description about the book through the comments of this post. If you can add the link about the book, that would also be cool!

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Seenie says Psoriatic Arthritis Facts  - "This book is the best comprehensive resource that any PsA sufferer could have. It was written for a lay reader, but it contains so much information that medical professionals will find it useful as well."

I noticed there is another "Psoriatic Arthritis" book released May 1, 2014 by the same authors. Just wondering if anyone has read it or if maybe it is an updated version? Just curious as I planned on purchasing the first one until I came across this newer release....

Yes, I have it. It’s very good, but more for medical professionals – much more technical than the one from “The Facts” series. (Lots of material beyond my comprehension.) The third author is a dermatologist, while Chandran and Gladman are rheumies.

If you don’t have The Facts, I suggest you get it first.

When you just need to escape, here’s where to go –
Adventure, intrigue, a bit of romance, treachery on the high seas: just what you need to get a way from it all.

I just read a great book called The Whals Protocol. This book is written by a doctor who has MS and went from being in a wheel chair to having a fully functioning life by making diet changes and using functional medicine. The book is written to help with any autoimmune disease. I purchased mine on

The Autoimmune Solution by Dr. Amy Meyers. As someone who knows of suffering from an autoimmune disease she offers good information and suggestions on additional changes to lifestyle that have helped her. It's always nice to get background info and advice from the experience of another with an autoimmune disease in addition to being a doctor. There is no claim of a cure or perfect solution...but lots of helpful advice that just might work for anyone. Some of it has certainly helped me.

"Living Beyond Your Pain" by Joanne Dalh and Tobias Lundgrun Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to ease Chronic pain. I can highly recommend this book as the Pain management \programme I was on used this approach and recommended this book

Pookie’s recommendation is this book
Amazon seems to have it, and it looks like an excellent resource.