Where do you go for information? Let's share our "go to" resources

When you’re looking for information on PSA, medications and treatment protocols, where do you go? Do you have favorite online resources? Books?

I like the Psoriasis Foundation’s site: http://www.psoriasis.org/psoriatic-arthritis.

That was interesting. Thank you.

Jane I like that one and the Arthritis Foundation too. I also like the book Seenie recommended: The Facts: Psoriatic Arthritis by Gladman and Chandran. I like the book so much I may give at Christmas gifts to my Rheuny and my GP:-)

I go straight to the NIH - but nowadays I’m usually looking for detail, and I find it holds a lot of hidden gems as opposed to general information (I think they have that too - there are just better laid out sites for it).

I like the NIH, Mayo Clinic, HERE (obviously), etc. Pretty much the typical places one would go for any medical issue.

My best reference book is the one I recommended in the “Book Reviews” section, the one that Michael in VT mentioned. My favourite medical sites are, like everyone says, the NIH and Mayo. I also troll around Google Scholar to see what’s new. What I find there is usually too technical for me, but sometimes I run across info that I can understand.

When my Dr found out that I was talking to people online about PsA she recommended that I start at http://www.rheumatology.org for my information. I think it is a good site and it offers links to other sites.

I seem to end up on webmd.com a lot when I search for info on meds. Usually I do a search and chose from there.

Dini i think webmd is a great site and is understandable. I am a nirse and I love mayo but I am not sure it is written in a way non-medical people can read.

Seenie you can certainly send any articles you want to understand to me. I can certainly translate it into English for you. Now if I come across something I just got to understand that is written in Dutch you are the man! <3

Still waiting for the book to come in the mail Seenie! Hopefully it arrives today! Looking forward to reading it :-) This site is also a wealth of knowledge as many people can give you their opinions, advice and info regarding medications along with amazing support!

Lol that’s why I love my kindle! Instant delivery for those of us who are impatient!

For information on any drug, www.drugs.com is the first place to go. Lots of information, and you can choose whether you want it presented for someone with a sixth-grade education, someone who's been to med school, or somewhere in between.

I hope this isn't heresy, but I think RAWarrior is tops for the boots-on-the-ground info. She has scads of information on all the DMARDs and biologics, keeps up-to-date on new treatments in the pipeline, talks about how to run your life with a chronic illness, how to optimize your medical care, etc. PsAers are welcome, as there are more similarities than differences in many parts of the diseases.

And, of course, there's always our very own @tntlamb. One day they're going to figure out that Vulcan Mind Meld from Star Trek and we will finally be able to download the PSA-related parts of lamb's brain.

I go to this site on Face Book.....https://www.facebook.com/pages/Psoriasis-Campaign-for-a-Cure/305050492927880

Lot's of information all thie time...

LOL janeatitu! Some of that info (and thoughts) from lambs brain could be scary!

Oh dear, do we really want to know? Could be all together TMI. ROFL … ouch, that hurts.

Some that I believe have not been mentioned.

For information on SSDI


For spondylitis


For TENS use


To be part of the online research study - also has research information - mostly RA information though


Great 1.5 hour video on PsA


To try to track and understand your disease activity you can use this


Since I am a computer programmer I really appreciate software that helps us understand our situation better.

Love me some NIH. Great articles, drug info, all one could ever hope to learn and then some in a well organized, easy to access site.

I also hit the drug company sites for technicals on the meds I take, and Rheumatology.com is good too. I find their site is a little basic sometimes, but I have a clinical brain and want endless details even if I to look up every other word to understand it!

Thank you for sharing this with us. :)

Podcasts sound great! I spend all of my car time listening to doctor radio on Sirius/XM. I think I’d love podcasts!