PsA Eyes?

I have a new development. First they called it Chronic Dry Eyes (both), and now they are questioning whether to call it Psoriatic Eyes. The fact is that some days I can barely see, even with glasses on.

After several drops and ointments (including Restasis), I am exploring soft contact lenses to avoid the eye lids to scratch the cornea. The next step I hear is a special glass contact lense that has a bubble to hold moisture.

I am bringing it to light because my previous ophthalmologists stopped with the Restasis and did not have any other solution. Well, there are other solutions, in case the Restasis is not enough.

Not taking the biological can make my eye condition worse.

Thank you for that..... Just what I was looking for. Heres the links that worked for me Not sure if they are the same:

I'm using a very old computer in my wifes sewing room, as my good one and my tab are hidden so it may be the windows 98 and explorer six but had trouble with the links..........

Yes, they are the same links. I didn't know this info. When my eyesight got worse, my eye dr. did not understand as this info is relatively new. We seek it, but since the cases are not that common, these drs. may not be adequately trained. Many times it is me the one that mentions new info. to my drs., which forces them to research.

It is good to know about this. I wished I knew before.

I wonder if I should print this out for my eye doctor. He's been really good about treating inflammation and issues, but I had an issue a few years ago that sounds like it fits.

I had inflammation in the retina, plus other symptoms, light sensitivity, headache, etc. They thought maybe optic neuritis, but I tested negative. But of course, the question is would it have changed my treatment? The assumption all along was that it was inflammatory. I was treated with steroids, and followed up. My rheumy was informed of the ongoing issues. She could have possibly decided to switch my meds at that point, but the steroids seemed to knock things back sufficiently.

Now I'm being treated with restasis for chronic dry eye, and also dealing with dry mouth, nasal passages, etc. Not surprisingly, there are tons of inflammatory issues. I typically assume that things are inflammatory in nature, unless proven otherwise.

Many doctors do not like it when patients tell them what to do. What I did was mentioning what I had read in the P Foundation Magazine, and his opinion. The Rheumy then told me what he thought. To the Ophthalm I mentioned I had read it and he then said he thought about it, too. It's good to be informed.

I respect the doctors' training and expertise. Yet, it is my body and when drs. don't have answers, I do my homework.


Thank you for sharing and helping to keep us all informed. I had not read these items before either.

I have had some episodes of episcleritis.

I will have to try your approach of seeking my doctors' advice on such articles. That seems like a such great strategy. I appreciate the advice.

Glad to. Sure wished I knew last year.

Thank you, My Eye's in the am are tearing up, untill about 1.5 hr, then Its just a Burn sensation the rest of the Day, I use eye drops Over the Counter, (Viseane) sorry about Spelling That I am horrible in

Over the counter artificial tears is what I use on top of the prescription eye drops. They are better than Visine, I think. It's what my dr. ordered for me. Also, always wash your eyes with baby shampoo and warm water. It actually relieves my eyes to wash them. When they are worse, I use warm compreses and they help me a lot.

I have a very similiar problem. After having months of worsening redness, pressure, pain, and blurry -foggy spots in my eyes I saw an eye specialist who treats specific eye problems (at the Cincinnati Eye Institute) and my doc said my eyes were extrmemely inflammed,suffering from chronic eye disease, and had corneal scaring -all from the arthritis. I took a course of eye steriods, antibiotics, and still take Restasis and a few other ointments. Although they are doing better, they still have issues. Just three days ago he put punctal occluders (plugs in the tear ducts) to help retain the good tears. Well see how that works. But yes, my eye doc says autoimmune arthritis can cause serious issues for the eyes.

The ophthalmologist put me on contact lenses to avoid scratches on the cornea. The ones I use are mostly to retain the eye moisture (Proclear). There are other lenses that have a bubble of fluid to keep it moist all day.

Let us know how that goes with the plugs. I’ve been using Restasis for a few months now, and it’s been a definite improvement. I go back to see the eye doctor in June, so we’ll see if any adjustments need to be made to my eye care regimen.

I'm having problems now with the contact lenses. My eye lids are so dry that they stick to the lenses. Yikes! I am even having a hard time taking them off when they are stuck.

Gelita, I was beginning to wonder if anyone else had this. I had a lot of problems with my left eyelid swelling up and staying puffy all day. Sometimes, both eyes would do it but it seemed like it mostly stayed on my left eye. Like you said, it messed with my vision and since I already wear soft contacts, I would spend a good part of my day blinking and trying to focus. I also had a scratched cornea last year and had to go on antibiotics (cost $145 for the prescription). It is very annoying and now my left eyelid droops a little even when it is not swelled up. My ophthalmologist said that my tear ducts seemed to be getting blocked, probably due to the psoriasis and recommended using warm water and an mild eye soap called "SteriLid" made by Thera Tears every night before bed and in the morning. This has helped some and seems to help with my vision. He thinks the muscle in my eyelid is now damaged from all the swelling and could be repaired with a minor surgery (which I'm not to happy to hear that is the only fix).

I hope your condition doesn't get any worse and the contact lenses help. Try the SteriLid soap for a while, it does seem to help and the fact you massage your eyelids when using it seems to open up the tear ducts. It just takes a little diligence to do it in the morning and night. Hang in there.

My opthalmologists suggested washing with baby shampoo. It soothes, and it's cheaper. I guess the SteriLid is with prescription. I need to work on that. Thanks!

We are predisposed to other autoimmune diseases so watch for Sjogren's symptoms. Dry eyes might be a part of that.

I'm dealing with that now. Multiple bouts of blepharitis and bad dry eye were just the beginning, and then the dry mouth, nose, throat.

Jo said:

We are predisposed to other autoimmune diseases so watch for Sjogren's symptoms. Dry eyes might be a part of that.

That's awesome! Good to hear.

So thought the eye dr. but the Rheumy said he had already tested and it was neg.

Jo said:

We are predisposed to other autoimmune diseases so watch for Sjogren's symptoms. Dry eyes might be a part of that.

So glad it's working!

mimiB said:

I just want to say I got my plugs yesterday and I LOVE them already. I got the permanent ones ( he said they should last about 5 years). It was nothing getting them put in and I can't feel them at all. I have only used eye drops once today.