PsA, Cholesterol, and Triglicerides

I wanted to post this based on my own personal experience. It isn't exactly brand new news. Anyone required to submit blood tests for employer sponsored Health Insurance? I was not on a DMARD or Biologic when my corporate wellness required cholesterol levels were checked and they came back higher than they had ever been in my lifetime, despite a lean and healthy diet. The cholesterol and triglyceride levels dropped significantly after receiving treatment with a biologic.

That is really interesting. As my (as yet undiagnosed) disease got worse so did my lipid panel. And the interesting thing is that the concern was not my LDL (it was in the normal range), but rather,low HDL, and the ratio of HDL to LDL. And that’s exactly what the article talks about. At the time, my GP commented that she found it a bit odd.

I have not had it done since I was diagnosed – I guess my doc figures I have more urgent concerns to deal with. But if she suggests that we do a lipid panel again, it will be interesting to see what things look like now.

Thanks for posting this, Lyndsey!

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