PSA and Lipid Profile

Hello Everyone,

My rheumy asked me to get a Lipid Profile done after about 7 months on medication for PSA. My Triglycerides (314), Cholestrol (230) and LDL Cholestrol (119) are higher than normal. Can anyone shed some light on, whether there is connection between PSA and these? Or are they independent of each other?

My Rheumy wants to me to start a new medication for Triglycerides, but I am not too keen on starting yet another medication, if there is any other way to control these like dietary changes etc. Please advice.



Diet (Losing weight) and especially EXERCISE are pretty efficient at lowering lipids especially triglycerides. It meants fats but especially carbs. that being said PsA is known to increase theses levels and if the disease itself is the cause all the diet and exercise in the world won't lower them.

The studies are a bit suspect though (IMO) Folks with PsA tend be be both overweight and sedentary so of course lipids are going to be high. Cart or Horse????

I was thin all my life until menopause. Now I am not hefty but neither am I thin. I wear a 14 dress. I have had life long elevated triglycerides and LDL. It was never controlled by diet and exercise. I went macrobiotic and swam 7 miles a week and walked 10 miles a week and it only reduced by 10 percent in 6 months. My cardiologist said I would have to be on Lipitor though if I could continue at that pace it would be a lower dose. I did continue for a few years but my lipids crept back up. I have been on 40 mgs of Lipitor for over 15 years. My numbers are still elevated. My Rheumatologist agrees I have probably had this at least 20 years and maybe born this way. I was born with a foot that curls in towards the other foot. I had a cast on it soon after I was born but it got an infection and it had to be removed. My mother was then told to put my shoes on opposite feet. I had two injuries in childhood that were tendon based that required casting. But I didn't start having significant pain and troubles until after menopause then other things that had happened became more clear. I have recently been more sedentary but only as my children are gone as of this year. I am enjoying the rest!

Thats right Michael if it is disease/heredity caused, there is not much you can do......... The question is are the "drugs" worth the risk???? There isn't a clear answer - yet. They lower the lipids but to what effect????

That is my exact question too? I have always had a somewhat high cholesteral but this time my lipid profile is off the charts. I have been on a strict weight loss no carbs or should I say minimal carbs and a hard exercise program for over a year and a half. Now this with my lipids it must be my Reminicade? The worst thing is I don't think my doctor nor my new Rumey understands this as a side affect of taking TNF meds. So I think going on a Statin to decrease our cholesteral is the best thing?? It's better than the alternative of having heart disease and possible stroke or Heart Attack!!!

Good luck, let me know what your doc says he's putting you on. I go to my GP this Friday for his advice.

Thanks for your inputs.

My Rheumy has suggested Atocor F (I am in India, medication may be different in other countries). I am thinking of waiting couple of months to start taking it. My PSA is under control as of now, I am at less than 10% of pain and inflammation as compared to when I started in March.

So I am thinking about trying to lose some weight and some more exercise for next couple of months. If still these are high, I may have to start the medication.

Can I just add, sometimes we are ‘just made this way’ my Triglycerides we a bit high back in the early 90’s as well as my chloresterol. I went on a very low fat diet as advised by my GP and had my lipids retested 3 months later and my triglycerides had doubled! The chemical pathologist my GP sent me to, put me on fenofibrate which is reputedly good for lowering triglycerides and told me that as the body needs lipids for cell production, if the dietry fat is lowered some people with produce it from their liver. With in 6 months my lipids we’re well controlled and I’ve stayed on the fenofibrate ever since with good lipid results :slight_smile:

I just had mine checked. My triglycerides are almost double what there were 6 months ago, before I started my mess again. I will be talking to my Rheumy about it next week, but my mom saw an article in her local paper that said some meds such as immunosuppressants can cause a rise in triglycerides.

I'm going to have my lipid profile done tomorrow (amongst many others) It will be the first time since I started MTX last will be interesting to see if there is a change from how it has been for the last 15 or so years that I've been on fenofibrate with well controlled lipids.

I'm also having a fasting glucose...........this is the one that really interests me as I've been termed as insulin resistant for the last few years. My GP always describes me as "fighting very hard not to become diabetic". The reason I'm looking forward to getting that result is that I've been on a low carb diet for the last couple of months and trying the glutin free will this help my blood sugars?

Well I’ve been recalled to my GP for the recent blood result of lipid profile and fasting glucose…I admit I have cheated and looked up my own results on the reporting system ( I consider this a perk) and my triglycerides are up! (Fasting glucose unchanged) Now our results are reported differently than the US and I will try to find a conversion. But in the UK triglycerides shouldn’t be over 1.7 but mine is now 2.1 which is a vast leap from my last test which was done just before I started MTX…So, is it the MTX? Or the PsA? or just the fenofibrate not working so well? I’m thinking it could be metabolic syndrome, BP also increased from my normal low bp. I do eat healthily and am very good about my fat intake…I’m a bit miffed to say the least! :frowning:

I have read sugar as well as fat can increase the triglycerides, could it be that? Or have you been eating the bangers your cat stole !!!:-)

Lol I don’t eat bangers, especially the one the cat got hold of! And you’re right sugar and sweet food definitely can increase triglycerides as well as fat…I’ve been on the same sort of foods for the last 15 years because of higher lipids, the only change has been MTX or my reduced carbohydrates and wheat free diet…will be interesting to find out what’s what, seeing my GP a week on Monday

Wow you are much more careful with your diet than I am. With the recent holiday here I have been eating all sorts of interesting things! And drinking wine occassionally. My Rheumy has okayed modest alcohol use as my labs are better than they have ever been. I am enjoying it a lot. I have no problem with not drinking but to have a glass of wine a couple of times a week with dinner is such a treat! Sometimes I have 2!!

And why not! I don’t blame you, I too have the odd glass of red wine. But not anymore for the moment as the rheumatologist I saw a couple of weeks ago has increased my MTX to 25mg per week!! He is confident my organs can cope as I’ve got such good liver and kidney blood results but I’m going on the wagon for a while just in case. He was much more supportive than his boss who is lovely but doesn’t really worry about the pain my enthesitis causes me…this doc has written a very good clinic letter which I will copy for my works occupational health dept. And ordered x-rays and now MRI of SI joint ( good news, no erosion! :slight_smile: )

My mtx is at 22.5 mg per week which I inject. I went without wine for 6 months or so and labs were good so she said I could resume infrequent use. It really does improve my quality of life so I am again having some. If it affects my next labs I will resume cranberry juice and ginger ale with supper though it is not nearly as enjoyable!