Proving psa exists

I have had psoriasis for 50 years, and until ten years ago was in great shape other than the skin and scalp problems. My body has gone south and year after year the pain from mid section down, legs, hips knees, feet are in the cycle of pain. It is always in my legs and then shifts around and a second pain in knees, feet hips and back arrive.

My Doctor and other specialists have given me multiple reasons for the problems such as fibromyalgia, neuropoathy, sciatica, spine damage and need for both knees and both hips to be replaced. Psa has been mentioned as a possibility. Recently I was put on Lycria and as a vet asked for help in payment as I encountered psoriasis during service and the vet program covers all psoriasis medicine. They will not cover my Lycria as they say it does not relate to my problems.

I do not know how to prove that I have Psa to the Vet program as specialists tell me that even a blood test is not the end all and be all. Current meds include cymbalta, hydro morph, meloxicam and others.. Any thoughts or ideas on proving Psa exists would be appreciated.

You need to have those HBLA-27 checked in your blood, in patients with PSA versus rhuematoid arthritis the RA factor will also be negative. You can always opt for the generic version which is gabapentin and mine cost less than 20 bucks a month from our grocery store pharmacy winn dixie, I am sure walmart would be similiar in price point. You are a VET and as an army mom, it disgust me that you are even having to have said discussion, we should give you whatever you need, period.. and thank you for your service, hope you get the answers you deserve.

Hey Butter,

A few symptoms of Psa include; swollen fingers and toes, P under your nails and pitting/splitting nails and fatigue. Other joint swelling and stiffness along with other symptoms but, mostly the only way to visually tell is swelling in the fingers/toes and P of the nails. X-rays if it has progressed to bone damage.

If you have Psoriasis you are more likely to have Psa eventually. Your doctors should know this and it should be on the top of their watch out for list. You need to be persistent with them if you think you have Psa! The longer you/they wait the harder it will be to control.