I have to say this is a process that is stressing. I have been waiting and calling back and forth with express scripts and curascripts since last tuesday. So frustrating. i know if i get stuck rheumy will give me a sample but i really cant believe how difficult it has been. How in the world can these companies be the deciding factor of m many doses im allowed.

Once things get going it should run smoothly, but getting it set up can be a totally pain in the butt. I've had Express Scripts lose my prescriptions, say they are being filled when they are held up on a technicality that they don't let me know about for 2 weeks, held up because of (this really happened) they thought my co-pay was too high and didn't even bother to fill it or call me, thinking I wouldn't pay (it was my whole insurance deductible up front, several thousand dollars). ARGH.

My dr. had to fill out an EXTRA authorization for my Enbrel because I'm taking it off the normal dosage schedule. Hopefully that won't be a new monthly thing to deal with.

Just keep calling. Eventually you will work through the kinks and get your meds. Hang in there.

that is exactly what is happening, doc changed from bi-weekly to weekly. Its a pain for sure. They said im authorized for 3 not 4 doses. Who are they to decide? I'm so upset it, though calling everyday until its resolved.