Possible PsA

In Sept 2012 I woke up one day with pain in several joints and extreme fatigue. Over the course of several days I had pain in: wrists,fingers(mostly the end joints),toes,heels,back,hips,shoulders,knees and elbows. I also had a an overall unwell feeling(flu like). I had red puffy eyes, red face, circular lesion on eyebrow,dry painful eyes,chronic diarrhea.

I went to my primary doc who ran labs and everything was normal and she said its probably a virus. I accepted this but weeks later I was still having a lot of joint pain and fatigue so I made an appt with a rheumatologist. He suspected rheumatoid arthritis or Lupus, not PsA as I dont have psoriosis. But my ANA and RF Factor were normal. Only my ESR and CRP were elevated. He put me on prednisone and plaquenil and it did wonders.

Not to long after I noticed some pitting in my fingernails and I just noticed a few days ago Beau’s lines in my nails.
So now looking at all my symptoms it seems most likely PsA. The pain at the back of my heel and bottom of my feet are common in PsA as is nail pitting.

I’m really in no hurry for a diagnosis. I certainly don’t want to be labeled with a chronic disease I don’t have. I know PsA is usually mild and for most people ibuprofen does the trick but I’d rather not have it. I do know for a small percentage of people it can be disabling, hopefully I won’t be one of them. Looking through the forums can be scary as most people with PsA dont go on health forums. Its mainly the people who have it bad or are looking for a diagnosis who are here.

It’s been wonderful reading through all the posts and finding such wonderful information. I feel so awful for the people who are suffering terribly.

I’ve found meditation to be helpful with my pain. I had to stop taking ibuprofen per gastros orders, though rheumy tells me go ahead and take it. So I just deal with the pain best I can.