Hi there new and in need of help

Hi there everyone. I’m new to the board and was hoping we could share experience of possible misdiagnosis. I live in the UK and was diagnosed with PSA about 6 years ago.
The rheumatologist that diagnosed me is quite an expert in the disease (now retired) and I had all the classic symptoms - joint pain in many joints, very sore Achilles, nail pitting, sausage finger, stiffness after rest etc. I tried DMards and then Cosentyx which worked well for 2 years. I’ve also always responded really well to steroid butt injections and hip ones too. Recently Cimzia and remicade really haven’t agreed with me.
So here’s the deal. I got called to see a new rheumatologist and was hopeful he could find another good biologic for me. But he had other ideas. As I sat down he said ‘you suffer from depression’, he’d seen on my notes that I take a low dose of Prozac, and went on to try and tell me the symptoms I have. Many of which I don’t. He then examined me and said the PSA has burnt out and I have fibromyalgia. So I pointed out that I have all the same symptoms and have responded to treatment in the past. But he was adamant and would only offer anti-depressants. I googled fibromyalgia and don’t seem to fit the diagnosis but am pretty textbook PSA.
This is a condensed version of events and needless to say I’m quite shocked!! It felt as though he’d decided before I even sat down.
So here I am with all the usual symptoms, loads of nail pitting and joint pain and feeling rather desperate. Any comments would be welcomed.

Welcome here @Flin and thanks for sharing a bit of your journey. I’m only about 5 years into officially being diagnosed with PsA and have found the folks here to be very helpful. You will benefit from those who have long experience and a good handle on the “science” behind PsA. Also, if you just need a place to vent…this group understands. I’m on my third rheumatologist already.
I can only suggest that you doubt your rheumy more than your experience and “gut” feeling. PsA, as you know is diagnosed so much by symptoms, visual and touch. We can’t just spit in a flask and have a piece of paper turn colour to give a quick and simple diagnosis. That leaves us subject to those with training and experience. You sure seem classic PsA and have more symptoms than many. Perhaps you might check the certification of your new rheumy…is it really his name on the plaque on the wall? I’m sure you will hear from a few more and again, welcome!

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That makes me so mad! That is laziness on the part of the doctor. You’re not new and shiny and need a change of meds to manage your PsA. But instead of doing that he’s announced you have fibromyalgia.

Don’t get me wrong, fibromyalgia can and does occur in conjunction with chronic pain and inflammation, but the primary condition needs to be properly managed first. I had it added to my diagnosis and was annoyed. I had it removed after a discussion with my rheumatologist. The fact that you have a history of depression doesn’t equal a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

Okay, I’m done, rant over

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Thanks guys. Great to be in the company of people who understand. I’m must say @Amos by the time I left the hospital I was wondering if they’d just pulled the guy in off the street. And @Stoney thank you for your words.
I have emailed the complaints department at the hospital and shall call the rheumatologist nurse line tomorrow. It’s really made me doubt everything.
Hope everyone having a good weekend

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Hi Flin,

I live in the UK too. Sadly you’ve just seen an ass of the rheumy who knows sweet nothing about PsA. Even the language he used - PsA can’t and doesn’t burn out. Any PsA specialist knows that. RA can burn out. JIA can burn out. The fact that you took Cosentyx (a PsA only med as in it doesn’t work for RA) and it helped a bit shows how inexperienced he was in all things PsA.

PsA specialists in the UK are few and far between but the NICE guidelines and protocols are there to help the less experienced in PsA rheumys too but they have to read them. Some it appears can’t be bothered to do that either.

So where are you based in the UK? County nearest city only. As I can probably help guide you and your GP to a referral to an actual PsA specialist as you can’t see this one again, that’s for sure.