Hello, I am new to the group and recently diagnosed with PsA. I do not have Psorisis, my father does and has been on methotrexate forever. I am reading through previous discussions trying to learn from others experiences and the one thing I have that I cannot find anyone else dealing with is Pleurisy.
I am currently on Methotrexate x8 per week, cymbalta, Prilosec, folic acid, vitamin D, fentynol patch and tramadol.
I also just started the Genisis Pure Arthritis plan ( Noni, Gogi, Mangosteen, Acai juice, Coral calcium, etc )
Pleurisy to me has been worse than pain because I have no stamina.
I am curious if anyone else has dealt with Pleurisy?

Is it Pleurisy or have your symptoms worsened to include costochondritis??

They actually found it when I was hospitalized for two weeks with the onset of what they now know was a very bad flare. They xrayed my lungs every 3 or so days, and I had to have help breathing (oxygen) for two weeks. My new doctor does not seem very concerned about it, so neither was I but I am having a bout of bronchitis and my inhaler is my best friend. It is very painful.