Pleased to announce that I passed (or should that be failed?) my PIP assessment and I am now off DLA and onto the 'new' system.

I was assisted this time (I think) by a report from my consultant, as on other occasions I believe they were only taking into account my own self-assessment.

Of course it does nothing for the pain and discomfort that I have 24/7, but at least I've been recognised as needing help and not classed as a malingerer.

Yay!! Congratulations! That's quite a bridge you've crossed too - I gather the transition from DLA to PIP doesn't always work out.

PIP (Personal Independance Payment) is the ‘new’ version of DLA (Disability Living Allowance) introduced by the Conservative Government to try and weed out those ‘not worthy’ so it is quite a bridge.

However it still doesn’t stop people (including a lot of my so called friends) thinking I’m swinging the lead and am perfectly capable of work / normal life/ running a marathon for charity! After a lot of grief I’ve cut a lot of these ‘friends’ out of my life as I don’t need the negativity and, to be honest, their patter is minging!

I know a bit about PIP and all that - I'm in the UK. You are running a marathon my friend, in a way! More power to your elbow.