PIP Assessment

This is mainly for for UK folk...

I had my PIP (Personal Independance Payment) assessment the other day...I am an 'early adopter' because my postcode came out of the hat. Anyone on DLA will be asked to come for this soon so I'm giving you all the heads up.

Firstly the centre's where they do the test are in places away from public transport...at least far enough away that if you can 'walk' there you are marked down.

The place I went in Newcastle was also a logistical bomb...it's not signposted for a start, and when you find the door it has a note on saying it is automatic and 'press bell'. The bell did not work and you had to pull or push the door to get in (and it was heavy...luckily I didn't attempt it and the receptionist who was sitting watching me came and opened it eventually.

The assessment itself was quite simple, just a load of questions (but not as many as DLA) and a cursory examination. However the killer question is asked at the end...'How Did You Get Here?'

They know all the stopping off places, bus stops and the rest....you HAVE to walk at least more than the minimum required for DLA Mobility to get into the place. It doesn't matter if you had to crawl to the place, as long as you arrived then you are mobile.

I took my mother with me as I know it was on my limits of tolerance and, I tell no lie, was exhausted and ill after the test. Wish me luc with my claim....I had it before but it was refused when I re-applied after a spell abroad. How a progressive illness like PsA get's 'better' as they said last time is beyond me...

Any questions if you are having a PIP thing please ask and I'll try to get you up to speed.

Thank you for posting this ~storm. I'm sure that even those of us who don't claim now will need to at some point in the future. Did you have a letter from your GP? I've heard that a GP weighing in has helped some people as they tend to see us on the days we're at rock bottom.

It's a brutal process, unfortunately those in genuine need are always penalised because of those few who are simply too lazy to get off their asses and think they are owed a living so 'play' the system. It stinks!

If you feel up to it would you also post this as a Discussion in Cuppa House which is where we have our UK specific info .... cheers. And wishing you well with your application. Kindest, Jules

I keep hearing similar things about the assessment centres ... almost as if they are a part of the assessment process, though an unofficial part. Whether that is true or not the difficulties involved in getting there plus the suspicion that you have to find it difficult in order to pass muster is very stressful.

Good luck with your claim. Fingers crossed for you.

And yes, I think it'd be great if you'd post in Cuppa House too. Lets face it, it's not going to get any easier to access benefits and the more knowledge & experience we can share the better.