Hi, I'm seeing little red dots on my belly and have for the past month or two. I looked it up and it told me to rush to a doctor. I don't feel any different or think it's anything I need to rush to the doctor for. Does anyone have this or something similar? Should I be concerned?

Any advice is welcomed.

Thank you

There are a couple of different red dots or petechia that can appear on the body. Some are due to bleeding and most of us take NSAID like aspirin or Ibuprofen or Naproxen That increase bleeding. Others are indicative of malignancies. Others are just an inherited red dot. It is worth having checked by a doctor at least for peace of mind but I do not believ it needs to be a big rush. If you start having nosebleeds or blood in urine or stool then rush by all means.

The last time I had little red dots on my belly the whole family did. Its one of the many reasons I am no longer allowed to use the washing machine. I still do not understand why a short wash, with extra soap and skipping the extra rinse would not produce cleaner underwear faster. The rinse doesn't clean anything and extra soap should more than compensate for the shorter swish swish time........

For some reason my attempts to make this whole laundry thing more efficient are not appreciated. I admit the washing and drying of socks in the dishwasher was a disaster. (especially the ones that got scorched) but on paper it should have worked.....

Thank you Michael, I will wait to see my rhuemy on the 28th. I already had an appointment scheduled for tonight to see my pcp. I will bring it to her attention.

Lamb, that is hysterical. I am the only person with these red dots on my belly, and the only one who does the wash so maybe it's me. Having these dots on my belly only and not any other part of my body does concern me. They do differ in color some are red and others dark red. It sort of reminds me of hives but not they don't itch.

When I get bumps, spots, etc. that I'm not sure of, I usually call my doctor to give them a heads up and see what they think. I hope your pcp can give you an answer.

It also depends a bit on what meds you are on (I’m sorry I can’t remember). If they are genuinely petechiae and you are taking something that could cause a blood disorder (which is pretty much everything we take - from NSAIDs through MTX and steroids to biologics), you do need to get it checked quickly.

The first thing they would do is a full blood count etc (looking at them won’t help much), so if, like many of us, you have a standing order to get blood drawn whenever you need to, then go get that done first and then get the results checked the way you normally would for something routine. The blood disorders I mentioned are extremely rare, and Lambs story about washing powder is much more likely, however it’s worth the check.

I take all the meds you mentioned: humira, mtx, steroids and meloxicam at the moment. I did bring this up with my PCp tonight she drew some blood and I will have results on Monday…thank God it won’t interfere with my weekend plans. Thank you so much

Doc was not too concerned, did some blood work and sent me on my way. Im glad I didn’t freak as I tend to do… Results will be back on Monday :smiley: Thanks

Great to hear :slight_smile:

I went to 4 derms trying to figure out what this was. Finally diagnosed as pityraisis lichenoides. Turns out this is caused by your immune system malfunctioning. Shortly after I was diagnosed with PsA. Looks like if you have one immune disorder, you are prone to others. Along with these two wonderful problems I also have undifferentiated spondy, IBD, and MGUS. All are tied to the immune system. I just can't wait for more issues to show up. BTW, the derm that finally diagnosed this recommended tanning twice a week. It's keeping the spots pretty much in check and is covered by my insurance.