People in general

I wear splints on my hands and use a crutch, taxi drivers are always asking me what's wrong. I look at them and smile because I know there eyes will glaze over. As they don't have a clue what I'm talking about. You see I don't wear a sign saying what's wrong with me, so to other people I look normal, whatever that may look like. One lady who was stood behind me was commenting on the size of my ankles. I don't really explain any more as I know who I am, I'm me, I can't be angry with people as they don't know. I wish they could just see me.

This is the exact reason I feel the need for a "business card" (or maybe we should call it an "it's none of your business" card! LOL

We're discussing them here:

People just don't understand. If I say "psoriatic arthritis" or "ankylosing spondylitis" people have no clue. Sometimes it's just a pain to explain at all. Sometimes I just want to say, "I'm a person, not a disorder. There's nothing wrong with ME ... my body, however, is a different story."