Peeing a lot

Hey all, a quick question, does anyone know of a correlation between psa, biologics, nsaids, dmards, etc and either benign prostatic hyperplasia or urinary tract infection?

I have bph which has been well managed with flomax for a few years, but I have realized that my frequency has gone up to pre-med levels.

Looking at my “logs”, it looks like it started acting up around when I got shot #2 of stelara and when i switched to lodine, and added sulfasalazine.

I looked online and I haven’t found a definitive smoking gun. I don’t know that it is uti. But with so many meds, worry that I may be on one that is fighting the bph.

Anyways, curious to know if others have anecdotal, or actual, evidence of a relationship.


Have you checked blood sugar levels? Just a thought, frequent urination could be a sign of diabetes.

@dwlemen @Jon_sparky Comes and goes for me. Not to worried as long as PSA and exam are okay. My doc is 75 and has the same issues. FWIW he prescribed 25mg of Sildenafil/ day with the advice I take 4 at a time and take advantage of the results… It has pretty much cleared up the issue. You might have to pay out of pocket as the insurance companies get suspicious, but its only $25.00 for a months worth.

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