Painfull Taltz injection

Hi All,

Anyone out there on Taltz?
just wondering if you experience the injections as extremely painful?

Sadly it said to be a ‘stinger’ of an injection.

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Yes!!! My doc strongly suggested an ice pack before the injection and it helped a lot.


@Zananne thanks! I will try that :blush:

sbender - You are welcome! I noticed you had been on Tremfya. My doc is starting me on it in a couple of weeks. How was your experience with it?

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@Zananne Well, for starters, it was the least painfull auto injector I’ve ever had!!
It was good, but unfortunately didn’t hit the spot for me. After Tremfaya I was on cosentyx. This was better as is IL 17 ish.
taltz is specifically IL 17 which seems to be the place where my issues stem from.
So, long story short, doing well on this!!
It is however my 7th biological!! It was about time we hit the right one :smiley:

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