Pain meds

Does anyone use narcotics such as Percocet or Lortab to ease night time pain? I have never used them except for post-surgery and not really a big fan. However, some nights I would give anything for just 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I have never asked my doctor for anything for pain.....I currently take Humira once a week and Nsaids every 6 hours so I can function.

I use to take Vicodin (same as lortab) for pain at bedtime but it did not work very well. It wore off in the middle of the night and I would be in worse pain and stiffer than when I went to sleep. I have found taking an antidepressant, Naprosyn and Tylenol and Flexeril at bedtime to be more effective with fewer side effects. Also getting my disease under better control has helped. I am on Remicade (my fifth biologic to try) and mtx now and see some improvement in symptoms over all. Good luck in finding the medication mixture that works for you. I also take a hot bath with 2 cups of epsom salts prior to bed on the days I do not exercise in a heated pool and then in the hot tub at my gym really helps with night time pain.

Thanks Michael. I have noticed that many people use muscle relaxants like Flexeril. I will give it a try....and who doesn't like a hot bath?

I take Tylenol-3 before bed, along with a muscle relaxant (Zanaflex). The combo helps me sleep better and wake up less stiff and sore in the morning.

I've been trying to stay away from pain meds but it might be time for a bit of help. Got up this morning and it feels like someone kicked me in the lower spine. I think it might be due to the odd changing weather patterns here (east central Wisconsin). For other problems in the past I have tried Tylenol 3 and Vicodin ES. Neither work for me. Any suggestion before I call my rheumy this AM?

I have been on Oxycontin for my back issues, severe from low back fusion to cervical fusion. Chose the wrong career back in my time with nursing. Coincidentally when I was commenced on this at the start. (I am allergic to Morphine) it definitely gave me my life back and I was able to continue working for 10 More years.
Of course the vague symptoms I had, I put down to my back. My wrist would hurt then my elbow or hip and ankles as well as other various spots.
But one day the pains were getting worse particularly at night and I was not able to ease it I was then referred to a Rheumy ( lovely man)
All was great to start off with , a new woman but then things started again and then I went on taking antinflammatories, to Methotrexate then finally Arava. Then the plan with cortisone which enables self management between doctor’s visits.but then I was diagnosed and had to cease anti inflammatories, a very big adjustment , much of it psychological thinking that I would not be able to manage without it but I have.
Feeling in control is an extraordinary feeling. Knowledge also helps rather than just taking pills that you do not know much about, as well as regular blood tests
But with all of this most of my severe pain is at night, so lack of sleep is so frustration and is a big way to make pain worse. Ironically my Panadeine Forte with one Oxycontin works much more effectively.
I also have a little magic ball that creates accupressure . This was supplied to me via a physio and when pain is so bad, the hard ball, the size of my fist and has poking out plastic spikes, which allows you to do treatment to the main area of pain . It hurts like hell but it is good hurt

I hope that this allows me some relief but nothing is as superior temporarily than Cortisone. My Rheumy allows us to use a daily dose when we are on holidays, so that I can get pain relief and enjoy the holiday,with easing of pain and an increase of energy…