Pain gets worse at night!..predn or pain pill?

trying to taper down to 15mg predn

and hands hurt to sleep..famous middle finger!

and the lower arm, when trying to sleep on i get my Ace bandage out..They hae elbow sleeves, but even XL, i don't like it tight..

For some reason these Ace bandages, not too tight, compress somethign nicely, and help..Wonder if this is tendon pain, and it must be worse that RA pain. Of course rheummy never explains it all..

So i might as well be wrapped up as a mummy....was doing good for a few days, less pain and swelling, and no pain pills,so whats one Norco tonight. Prob safer than predn.

Where to put your hands when they hurt...sleep on got to scoot in the bed further..and leave about a foot of room to prop the arm up, maybe on a pillow. get the wrist braces, with thumbs out, and the ace bandage

got to be creative..i guess

and maybe that sleep will come soon..if this is tendon pain it hurts like hell, sharp!

I feel your pain! I struggle with the same thing. I wake up with hands and feet so sore I think they will never work again. I can't bend the fingers to open the door knob in the bedroom some days without hot water or stretching exercises on them. :(

If I over do it during the day, I really pay at night. So sorry you are going through this too....Wish we had a CURE for our Christmas present!

Merry Christmas TKRLady!

Lainee B.

Hi TKR...

I have not seen a rheumy yet. I have my first appt. on 2/14/12. (Happy Valentine's). I have major back problems, so I've seen a Pain Specialist for the past 8 years. (I had 4 fused vertabraes back in my early 30's due to a congenital defect). BUT...what we finally realized after I put two and two together is the cortisone injections I have received for years have been masking the PsA. Once that wears off I get MAJOR flares.

My brother was on Remicade for a year, and he got lymphoma from the side effect. (Not saying it happens to everyone, I know it is rare). BUT with this side effect in my own family, I am very resistant to going on any of the biologics. I am anxious to find out what the Rheumy says. He is supposedly the best in our area.

Sorry you feel miserable. Glad we can commiserate with each other!

Best wishes,

Lainee B.