Dr prescribed new meds

Ok so Tuesday I called my Rheumy crying in pain that my hands were no longer tolerable. They hurt so bad I just cant function. I cant move, breathe, open anything uggg the pain!

Im newly diagnosed and went from an occasional asprin to OMG im on sooo many meds now.

Actually had to get an Old Lady Pill Box (the day of the week kind so I could keep up). Sorry no offense to any ages in here. Its just something that hubby and I laughed at and got a good chuckle over. Im 39 and on so many meds :(

Rheumatrex- taking generic started at 5 now on 6 a week

Folic Acid- 1 a day


Voltaren 75mg twice a day

Well now he changed the Voltaren 75mg to Lodine 500mg both twice a day.

Is this a good thing or no? Any known side effects? Will this possibly help me not need any Vicodin daily? I try not to take them but lately have had to. Just kinda curious what others can say about the Lodine. Of course I will be taking the generic.

Is your doctor planning on trying you on Methotrexate and / or a biologic soon? A step down pack of Prednisone might help get things under control temporarily.

Rheumatrex= Methotrexate... Lodine and Voltaren are both NSAIDs just different chemical formualtions. How long have you been on the methotrexate?

Some things that may help with the hand pain is a paraffin bath and IMAK arthritis gloves (if your hands swell you may want several sizes to choose from depending on the day).

I'm so sorry your hands are so painful. Mine hurt a lot this week but are not at their worst.