Does anyone know anything about this new drug approved to treat PsA?

Here is a recent thread: http://discussion.livingwithpsoriaticarthritis.org/forum/topics/apremilast There are actually several just search apremilast. Several of our member were in the trials. I think one is still activley posting. It was pretty much only approved in the US because it worked in some folks that had failed other Bios when nothing elses did. Its initial chance of approval were slim as the phase three trials dropped significantly (as did calgenes stock) Amazingly they redid the trials and got enough improvement in efficacy to wash.

Thanks Lamb, Hopefully someone that was in the trials will let me know about it. I am going to get the ball rolling for the weight loss surgery but it will take a while. I am going to wait and have the surgery one year from now. Between now and then, for insurance to pay I have to lose 10% of my body weight and go through 6 months of psyc eval. I refuse to try another biologic after getting so sick after one dose of Humira. I was really hoping this new drug would help with the inflammation.

hello there I have not been on in a long time I have been having a lot of problems in trying to find the right med for me to take every one I have tried I would get shingles or a real bad rection to them I am going to be starting Otezla in a few weeks I will let you know how it works I have been praying every day for so long each and every time I tried something new it would work right now I know if I try this and it does not work I have run out of options ...hope you have a great day and god bless