(Otezla) A new medication

Good morning everyone. My doctor started me on Otezla last month, things seem to be going well. Has anybody else started taken it and if so what are your likes and dislikes about it? I was on methotrexate for about a year and a half, but since have gotten CKD, so we have back off even with the folc Acid my Kidneys still showed low numbers. I will let y’all know how it goes with the Otezla. Pray for Florida.

Great to see you back here, Grizzwall. Generally, think peoples’ experiences with Otezla have been good. If you use the Search feature (magnifying glass, upper right) and search for “Otezla”, you should get a good number of hits. Something that often works well is to find a thread about your question that has a lot of posts on it, and then post on it it yourself. The others on the thread will then get notifications of your post, and maybe you will “wake up” the thread again.

Chronic Kidney Disease isn’t fun. Do your doctors have any suggestions as to why you might have developed this?

Hope you get the Otezla conversation going here. It should be good.

I started it last November. Biggest issue I had was I felt like I had food poisoning for about two months and lost 25 lbs. After that, it seemed to work okay, but now that I am 9 months past the start, the doc is not happy with the amount of pain I am still in. We are going to give it a few ore months to see if things get better, but initially it helped.

I took it. It seemed to help my psa but the secondary effects were to much for me. Hard to describe but there was an increase in anxiety like symptoms. I do not know if it was neurological or what. It made me feel awful. It works for some folks though.