Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Osteopathic adjustments

My unusual Neurologist sent me to get some Osteopathic adjustments, had my first one today. I was a little dubious about this technique, the building was “New Age” been around that stuff in the 90’s…
So you lay on your back, with your close on, he was working on the SIJ’s, Lumbar, Thoracic, and cervical, pretty much the entire spine, it took about a hour, it was subtle manipulation including the organs like the liver, I think. Also cranial manipulation.
I must say I was impressed, it was very relaxing, and all my muscle tension had left, came home and slept for a while… Unfortunately my wallet was also manipulated by $300! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I am supposed to do 3 sessions, will see how long this one lasts…
anyone ever had this treatment before?


I guess the results are about the same as a 90 minute deep tissue massage, or a 1 hour acupuncture session, though I did not do well with the last two acupuncture visits, because my muscles were spasming, they were so bad, some of the needles popped out.

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Is there nobody at your monastery who could do pretty much the same for free? Well obviously not or you’d have taken that option I guess.

You know, if no harm is done and it feels really good … maybe best not to think about the cost. You can’t take it with you & all that.

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No doctors of Osteopathy at the ashram. It is actually a science, it was not just a deep tissue massage, but a manipulation of the skeleton. Unfortunately the great results wore off, like acupuncture, and deep tissue massage, it also kind of triggered a lot of fatigue. Might try it again, but if it wears off in 3 hours, that is $100 an hour of relief, not to cost effective. I can get deep tissue massage for 90minutes at $65 plus a nice tip. Lasts about as long… Had a rebate check I finally got from the the drug company, from last year, so that paid for the treatment.

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This treatment caused a very bad flare, that lasted most of the weekend. I was bedridden all Saturday, and didn’t get going until 1pm today. It also set off my neuropathy so I had trouble with my legs. It might have released a bunch of junk that was built up in my muscles.
I don’t know if it is a good thing, or should be avoided?

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Sounds like it should be avoided to me. You truly are going through a rough time presently. Lots of cyber hugs.


Did you drink a ton of water to flush out your system after your treatment?Your muscles release alot of built up lactic acid when you get chiropractic, massage, or any major usage of them like your treatment and the water helps flush this out.

That was probably part of the problem I had. Next time I will drink some electrolytes also…

So I went for another adjustment, this one was less stressful and not as much money. I also drank a lot of water!