On Vancomyacin, cruddy!

I have had cracks on my hands for the most part of my life with PSA and been fine, until now. Despite creams prescription and non, despite keeping hydrated, despite bandaging, poylsporing and gloves at night, covering hands when doing things with a high dirt count- I have a lymphadenitis (?spelling) that is now a cellulitis and am on IV Vancomyacin. 2 doses in and the cellulitis has spread, here’s hoping the third turns this infection around.

I am very discouraged as I have been very vigilant about protecting myself and now this. I have ultra thin duoderm, gloves, steroid crams, steroid ointments, gloves for dishes, gloves for yard work, etc. I wash my hand often and still end up with this crappy infection,

Suggestions? help. I will attempt to attach a photo.

Thank you
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oh my Kristen that looks sore. I am not sure I can add anything to what your doctors have you doing. Make sure your hands are well moisturized the more dry they are the more they are libel to crack. Have you tried Neutrogena Fisherman's Formula? I use it every night.

Yikes, Kristen. That sounds so painful. Sorry you’re going through such a tough time with this right now. Bummer.

I had cellulitis years ago, across the bridge of my nose. The urgent care people wanted to admit me to the hospital, but I talked my way out of that by swearing on a stack of holy texts that I would come back if it wasn't improving in three days. It took 2 1/2 days to see any improvement: slow going. I hope by now you've turned the corner. Did they have mark the outline of the redness with a Sharpie or other permanent marker? That can help you keep track of whether it is growing or shrinking.

I was not so able to talk my way out of it due to my vitals. They did outline it and it grew past the outline since admission but this afternoon (after 4th dose of abx) has decreased in redness but not size. Dr. Said I might be able to go home when blood cultures come back. I am hoping as this is the hospital I work in but there are no others. Upside I am not on a floor I worked very often on and am on reverse isolation so random work friends visiting is minimal. The real friends visit the just curious don’t as it is too much to get all suited up for. I feel like a Mack truck did donuts on me but nausea is mostly gone, vitals better and redness decreased. Just need to get pain better and size of area involved shrunk and life will be better. Does get me out of smokey air up here too as it is very bad right now.

Isn't it amazing how crummy a bacterial infection makes you feel? Downright poisoned. I hope things are going back the way they come from- less redness, less size. Vancomyacin is the biggest of the big-gun antibiotics, yes? It needs to live up to its reputation and chase that infection right on out.