OK so not a disease thing but

My 18 year old kitty passed away a little while ago. Velcro has been with me thru everything. I am devastated, I know this is trivial to some of you but to to me it is major thing. Animal lovers offer a prayer up for Velcs and me tonight. Thank you!

So sorry, MAT. I am sure my Tinkerbell greeted Velcro and showed your little fuzz ball to the never ending bowl of cream and the field of cat nip right away. I know how much I miss my little gal. She knew all my secrets and loved me just the same. Thinking of you and your furry friend. -hugs-

I’m sorry for your loss. I worry so. Ugh about my kitties.

I am sure Snoofy, my namesake welcomed Velcro with open arms; Snoofers was 17 when he passed and was with me thru was with me through some very trying times..I can relate to your loss and it will pass in time..perhaps take up a new hobby now or something to ease the pain...

I truly understand, and offer you my heartfelt sympathies. My dog needed to put to sleep recently. He was always no more than 3 feet from my side since my diagnosis, and never strayed on “shot night.”

People ponder if animals have a soul. While many refer to pets as part of the family, it is my belief that the word friend denotes a stronger bond in this case. You CHOOSE your friends, you DECIDE to make them part of your lives. He was a rescue dog who was left for dead. We chose him, but it took almost a year for him to choose us back. After the loss and abuse he went through, he had every right to have a distrust of people. But when he made the choice - when he believed we would not hurt him as others had, he loved unconditionally. He was fiercely protective of my children and was a wonderful companion. I can’t think of a better definition of a friend.

When I became seriously ill awhile back, Sarge never left my side - literally. His vigil continued through the day he passed. Now I realize that he must have been in great discomfort as he climbed the stairs each night to keep his place by my bedside.

So no one can tell me that one of God’s creatures, who loved without limits, put others above himself, and til his last breath showed devotion to a very lucky family had no soul. He was and will remain my friend, and I will miss him until we meet again.

So please do not let anyone trivialize what you are going through. Every loss is significant to some one. It should be a comfort that Velcro has some new friends on the other side.

I know our furry friends have souls. They show it everyday unlike some humans.........I saw some pit bulls chewing on a Michael Vicks toy the other day but I digress.

I know Velcro, Sarge, Snoofy and Tinkerbell are in Heaven with my pug Abby. We had to put her to sleep this summer and I still miss her. Abby was also a rescue. She had never stood on a floor (wire crate only) eaten fro a bowl or even had a name. She had a number only in a puppy mill when she was rescued. With me she learned to eat from a dish, her feet healed, she enjoyed her cat and dog sisters and brothers at our house (and yes a chicken or two) and learned to run and play. She warmed her bum near our wood stove, had a bed and toys of her own and had a good dog life with us for 6 years. I miss her laugh and her humor. And her little pug appetite. She learned to wag her tail but she never learned to bark (her vocal cords were intact, I checked). I know she had a soul as she had a golden heart, she forgave us humans and loved us despite what other humans had done to her. I know I will see her again in Heaven and St Peter will forgive her stealing food up there just as I did down here. RIP Miss Abby with all your other pet friends.