Night time whole body stiffness

Any suggestions on how to conquer the whole body morning stiffness. Feel like a cement truck comes and pours a bucket load of cement overnight.
yes i am starting a new biologic, on low dose predisone and introducing mtx next week.

just curious how others are handling this.

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Slowly. When I was like that getting up in the morning was just slowed down some. It helps to have your anti-inflammatories and pain relief by your bed if possible too.

Great description! That’s exactly how it feels in the morning and anytime I rest for more than 20 minutes. I have a stretching routine that starts at my feet and works its way up to get everything moving before I stand up. The prednisone helps. For me, adding MTX made me worse. I’m sure it tamed down some inflammation but the side effects of brain fog and over all lethargy just made me hate the stuff. MTX doesn’t seem to be the answer for very many once on biologics but maybe I’m just not hearing from those who are positive about it.

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The mornings can be hard. Going slow always helps and taking pain meds when needed. I try to move all my limbs around a bit before I get out of bed. More like a mental check to see what is bothering me. then I turn on the coffee maker and sit my butt down in the recliner for at least 45 mins before I attempt anything.
Now that I am on a good biologic for me (Humira) I do not have many stiff mornings. Now it depends on what I did the next day, stress, or the weather. They come and go. But I still take it slow in the morning and try not to leave the house before 10am.

I hope you can find some relief until your biologic starts working. Hot baths, heated blankets, and pain meds always help.


Great analogy! I wake up feeling like all my bones and muscles have fused together. Most mornings I just lie there until things want to move. For the last month my back has been bad. I did far too much helping clean out my mother-in-laws house so it could be sold a month ago. Now all the muscles in my back hurt and are stiff from my belt to my shoulders. Not sure when that will settle down, but it has been rough lately.

I had hoped the biologics would help all this, but they haven’t. After 10 years, I am not sure anything is going to help. Some mornings I do get up and climb in my hot tub. Not an option for everyone.

it takes me no joke like 2 hrs to get going. i told the nurse when i called about any suggestions that i may not be doing to tell the doctor i could easily play the next tin man in the wizard of oz!