Newbie to the group not the disorder

I’m new here.I was diagnosed with Psoriasis in high school and with the Arthritis in my late 20s/early 30s.I’ve tried many meds over the years.Some did not work and some only for the short term.So finally instead of feeling like a guinea pig I decided I was only going to use Tylenol for Arthritis and/or Aleve.
I have days where I’m in alot of pain and have trouble walking.Other days I’m ok.

A little about me.I’m 56. Married for 25 years. Have 3 sons and 3 grandchildren.I’m also in long term sobriety.

I have a friend who is also diagnosed with this and when I was telling her about new symptoms she recommended I do an internet search. Thats how I found this group.

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Hi Leanne, welcome!
Sounds like you’ve coped very well for a lot of years! You’re probably not much different than many of us here who’ve had psoriasis first and a diagnosis of arthritis—PsA—but slow progression of the disease so the symptoms weren’t unbearable.
I was in my 50s when I was diagnosed after doctoring for aches and pains and fingernail symptoms for a few years. It wasn’t until I was getting closer to 60 that all hell broke loose and my pain became more widespread and severe enough to know it was time to get some serious meds. I hope that doesn’t happen to you, but be careful and pay attention to your symptoms. I should have listened to my rheumy and took the meds he wanted to prescribe, but I was scared. I finally went on Enbrel and it made a day and night difference.
Others here have interesting stories about how their PsA started and what they’re doing for it. You will get a lot of good advice and information so you’ll know what you should do to prevent too much damage to your joints.
Good luck!

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