New mtx injective device

Has anyone here asked about the new auto injector for MTX. It is called Ortexup. FDA just approved it for US use. Does anyone know any more than the Wall Street Journal reported?

No, I asked my pharmacist about it here in Canada as I saw others talking about it, but its not available here.

I heard about it, but don't know anything more than that.

Here are 2 links I found.


I can't imagine who would be interested in this. I have been doing MTX injections for almost a year and a half, and it's a piece of cake. I was just as squeamish as anyone else, but figured out how to do it with no help from my doctor's office, by the way. I've used Humira's auto-injector and found it clumsy, hard to use, and quite painful. I'm now using Enbrel's prefilled syringes and for me they are much easier and hurt way less.

The autoinjector will no doubt jack up the price of a cheap generic drug. Good for the pharmaceutical companies, but I just don't see the benefit for the patient.