Need your thoughts on shoulder pain

My right shoulder pain started 20 odd years ago,within 6 months I had developed scalp psoriasis,a very painful shoulder & miscarried my second child. At the time my shoulder pain was treated with steroid shots & PT. Its bothered me on & off since then until about 21/2 years ago when I was diagnosed with PsA. I’ve since had numerous injections & more PT. I’ve had it xrayed which showed some impingement. Anyway I saw a different DR for the last injection and she said that the steroids will stop working for me in that joint soon. It did work some but now if I use it too much it literally burns in the joint and for want of a better word is very ouchy! So,now what,do I request an MRI,I didn’t even think to ask her why it would stop working. I’m due to have my second Remicade infusion on Thursday and hoping that brings relief in my other joints but I’m just not so sure about my shoulder. Anyone have any thought? Thankyou.

Are you positive your shoulder pain is related to your PsA? I know it's easy to blame everything on PsA once you got it, but that isn't always the case. Millions of people (most don't have inflammatory arthritis) have shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain and so on. Reason I ask is the fact that you mentioned impingement. Although PsA can cause inflammation of surrounding tissue leading to impingement, impingement is generally more consistent with overuse or calcification or dozens of other causes. If this is the case, then Remicade will not likely help your shoulder much. It's possible that your PsA has caused bone spurs. If that's the case, I'm still not sure Remicade will do much good after the formation of spurs has already occured.

My advice would be to see an Orthopedist for further evaluation. Determining what exactly is causing your pain would be the first step in correcting it. There are many many treatments available for impingement syndrome including surgery, medications, and certain exercises. Good luck!