Shoulders and knees

I was diagnosed in march of 09 or 10 after months of severe pain and discomfort. I am in construction and I was having trouble with my shoulders years before I was diagnosed with PsA. Is this common with PsA? I am also having weird knife like pain in my knee rite above the kneecap that I an not for certain is not a real injury to it that needs checked out. I am responding relatively well to the six methotrexate I am on with really no side effects besides having days where I’m absolutely exhausted. Anyone help

Hi Redsfan,

This is the PsA talking to you, my friend! We all have the pain and dysfunction somewhere! The exhaustion is very typical too. I recommend you keep an on-going list to take to Dr with you. They may want to take x-rays of these areas or add a biologic to your meds. You are fortunate that you are tolerating the MX, not everyone can! Never guess about something bothering you, always tell the Doc.

My main areas are my hips, shoulders, hands, foot and neck but the knee thing is new and pretty painful during certain movements not all the time.

Heat will help a little until you get there, may be time to ask for something to break pain cycles, though not all Docs will prescribe them, some are totally against. Let us know what Doc says.