Need help stopping tramadol ASAP! Doc no help

So I just found out I am pregnant and thus need to stop tramadol ASAP. Doc told me I can just stop but I get withdrawal symptoms then which mean I can’t sleep as I have a fever and a lot of pain. I am a bit lost as I don’t know how to ween off. I was on 50mg normal in the morning and 150 SR at night. He then changed it to 150 SR morning and night. Now I don’t know if it would be better to go back to the 50mg or cut the 150 SR in half if that is allowed. The SR pills are scored. Can anyone please help? I have left 3 messages with the staff at my doctor and every time they answer everything except this concern. I phoned again now and only asked this question. So maybe they will finally address it!

Congrats on your pregnancy. You need to keep hounding your doctor. If you don’t get an answer, think about showing up. Sometimes they don’t know how serious your concerns are until you demonstrate it. There has to be a way to step down the tramadol. But from what I remember, the time release pills are coated so you probably don’t want to break them. You may need a lower dose script or to take smaller doses of the regular kind. But the only one who can help here is your doc, her/his nurse or another medical professional. If you’re under the care of an Ob/gyn maybe they can help?

Yes, I would hound your doctor some more or call your OB. You might have to cold turkey it though. No Advil either. Just Tylenol.

Thanks ladies. Well the hounding worked. Got an appointment tomorrow! I did ask the OB but her knowledge of the meds aren’t that good so she just read me what the book says.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! So glad you'll be able to see your doctor soon! According to "Medications and Mother's Milk" by Thomas W. Hale, Ph. D. (the leading authority on medications and breastfeeding), Tramadol is a "Pregnancy Risk Category C: Either studies in animals have revealed adverse effects on the fetus and there are no controlled studies in women, or studies in women and animals are not available. Drugs should be given only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus." It looks like there haven' been sufficient studies to give a concrete answer to whether or not it's safe. Weaning yourself off of it gradually may be your best bet, as well as figuring out what you can do for your pain.