Need advice. Cushings? Sugar in Urine? High WBC?

Went to Derm and lab yesterday for blood work and urinalysis. There was sugar in my urine and my blood sugar levels were high. Stated could be Diabetes or from steroid or even the MTX. My white blood cell count was high and I have had a sore throat and low grade fever of 99.7 when I was at Dr's. Said I most likely have an infection somewhere. Strep throat culture was negative. I see my PCP tomorrow. There was a mention of having a possibilty of cushings syndrome. The thing is everything I read said that can be from the steroids as well. I am finally down to 10mgs. Have been on them since August. This si the first time I have been able to be on this low of a dose since then. What am I facing here? My liver tests were all fine. I have been told to stay away from anyone who could potentially be sick. My resistance is low. But the dr also stated that that the high white count may just be inflammation again. I do not know what he will do tomorrow. I got put on Amoxicillin 500 three times a day. I also have some infected skin leasions and got put on Cleocin T-sol. Upon looking it up can a person get a staph infection in skin lesions? I feel worried about all this. Also the derm stated he can longer see me and that I need to get a Rhuemy in on my care. Will be bringing all this up with my PCP who should have the lab results from the we visit where the derm sent me... I feel like I am going in circles. with all of this. If I stop the steroids I fear the lesions coming back like they did last time. I just feel frustrated and a little scared with the mention of Diabetes, Cushings and also stated because of my High BP I am at higher risk of Heart disease. Can all of these be connected to or caused by PsA? I sometimes just want to scream! I have been pretty much quarentined to my room since I live in the dorms on Campus. I am looking at taking some of my classes online next semester as they do offer some of them that way. However, I don't want to live my life in a bubble!

That's good that your PCP will have your test results when you walk in. It gives a better place to start figuring things out. Good luck getting through this. Do you have anyone close to you that can go to your appointment tomorrow? Sometimes it can be helpful to have another set of ears.

Be sure they run a adrenocorticotropic hormone level as part of the work-up. (a rheumy prolly will...) You are correct, your med routine could be causing all of your symptoms (especially the predi). Remeber the predi works by effecting the adrenal system. Once that gets messed up the blood sugar, lipids etc are not far behind not to mention other hormones)

This may be the beginnings of a discussion about the use of a biologic routine.... In any event were you I, I'd be questioning the steroid use for as long as you have been. Its got to be be making your study routine (and concentration) difficult if nothing else. When that happens stress levels go up along with disease activity.

BTW what are you studying???

Good Luck! Hang in there, hopefully the tests and PCP are helpful.